HHH 001// 10 Tips On How To Identify Quality People In Your Life

Saturday, May 12, 2018

In this EPISODE, we explore:

" 10 Tips On How to Identify Quality People In Your Life "

…..Quality people…..

4:09 - Will pour Into You
6:28 - Will Offer the gift of unconditional acceptance
8:15 - Will have your best interest at heart
10:47 - Will Connect to the essence of who you truly are
14:04 - Will Invest time in you
16:03 - Will Ask you ‘what do you need?’
17:52 - Will Carry and Share with you a wealth of experience
21:50 - Will be Driven people
24:38 - Will Resonate with your vision
27:56 - Will Lift you up in prayer

BONUS: Do not project their failures, limitations and boundaries on you.


“….Takers rarely set boundaries, all they know how to do is take.”

“…For what you don’t care for, you make excuses. For what you love, you make time…”

“…Not everyone is built to carry you in prayer…”

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