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Sunday, May 27, 2018

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What is 'Hosting Heaven ABIDE? 

Hosting Heaven – ABIDE is a 3 week eCourse for young ,millenial  women between the ages of 18 & 45, delivered in the comfort of your mailbox. It consists of 9 modules which will be sent to you on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 3 weeks consecutively. 

This eCourse is for a woman who wants to elevate her ability to constantly and seemlesly 'ABIDE' in God's presence every hour of the day. I call it 'working out your ABIDE muscle. If you have been desiring to let go of every self-defeating habit that is holding you back from prayer and communion with God - and you want to start nurturing habits that keep you connected to God and engaged with Heaven every hour of the day, this is your chance to take an intentional step towards that GOAL. 

If you have been yearning for a fresh breathe on your relationship and connection with God, this FREE e Course is made with you in mind. Yes, it was made for YOU.


From our closed facebook group community called The ‘Hosting Heaven ABIDE Care Group’, you can expect:

  •          Live video chats with Melody
  •          Weekly reflections and challenges to keep you accountable for your journey
  •          A flourishing community of helpful, caring and kind women from all over the world.
  •          Real friendships and connections
  •         Real encouragement and accountability to help you become intentional with your spiritual growth

 Examples of 'Closed Group Conversations

On Purpose:

  Question & Answer:

 Real Community & Connections | 'Meet Ups':




Uplifting Encouragement:

                                                                LIVE Video Chats:

TOPIC: Dealing with the Spirit of Muteness (Prayerlessness)

                                                           TOPIC: An Attitude of Gratitude


Here is some good word i have been getting from our previous class members on how they have already started en cooperating some of the strategies, habits and tools which they picked up from our 3 week e course.

The abide e-course was one of the most amazing and life changing courses l have ever attended . It was reviving , as l felt the power of God each time l logged in and read emails or listened to video calls. I was especially blessed by getting a chance of a lifetime to meet women who have become sisters with whom we pour into each other . This was an amazing experience and my prayer life has been revived, thank you Rutendo Mel. 
Queen Marwise

What an amazing anointed journey l had! I was refreshed, transformed and elevated. Every lesson was full of knowledge , life and power. All that was dry or dead inside of me came to Life. The Word became Flesh and yes because He is God he will keep on doing it 
Vivian Chiuriri


1. How long is it? 

3 Weeks.

2. How many emails do i receive? 

You will get 3 emails a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
We let you enjoy your time with family and friends over the weekend.

3. Do i have to be a part of the Facebook Community? 

Not necessarily, but we have a lot of fun and amazing conversation in there. You might want to pop in and be a part of the excitement. The group has God loving women from across the world!

4. Can i join in the middle of the eCourse? 

We close sign up on Friday the 1st of June 2018, at 8pm. If you miss this FREE class, you will have to catch August’s enrolment.

5. On what date does this course start? 

4th  of June 2018 

6. On what date does the next course start? 

 8th of August 2018 

7. What will it cost me? 

Nothing, but 10 minutes of your reading time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for 3 weeks.


So there you have it!!!

This could be a transformational decision for your spiritual growth!
And an opportunity to meet some destiny connections in the growing community called ABIDE Care Group.


To SIGN up for our JUNE intake, click this link: SIGN ME 
Leave your name & email address, and you are automatically on our waiting list and ready to start in a week's time.


For any other questions, or having trouble signing up, you can email me on imhostingheaven@gmail.com and i will gladly help.

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