FAQ: 2019 Women Hosting Heaven Conference

Sunday, July 14, 2019

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+ Can you tell me the topic of the conference?
“For it you remain silent at such a time as this”, is a theme birthed out of Esther 4:14, a passage of scripture which talks about how a young girl was abruptly, with no warning or prior equipping, faced with a decision to keep silent or use her voice to speak for her people, her generation and her nation. During the few hours we will be together at the conference, we want to stir up boldness in every woman in attendance to realise the power of her unique voice not only in the place of prayer but in the place of her purpose.

+ How can I volunteer with ‘A Time As This’ Hosting Heaven Conference 2019?
Please send us an email at imhostingheaven@gmail.com with subject heading VOLUNTEER. Tell us your name, your city of residence, your contact number and why you feel led to be a part of this movement. We will get back to you within 24hrs.

+ Do I have to pay to attend Hosting Heaven Conference?
You will be paying a registration free of R280 (Early Bird Fee – Closing date for payment is 20 July 2019) & R340 ( late payment – anytime after the 20th).

+ How can I participate as a corporate sponsor?
We are open to sponsors for our conference both financially and through donating products that can be part of our ‘goodie bags’. So if you are keep on sowing a seed for this conference, you can email us at imhostingheaven@gmail.com for banking details. No amount is too small.

+ Are there any vendor opportunities available and do vendors have to be registered for the conference?
We do not have vendor opportunities at this conference, but we would like you to leave your contact details and a brief description of your business at the reception on the day of the conference because we intend to have vendors at our next conference.

+ Who will be on the Panel of Guests?
To Be Announced!!!

+ Are registrations refundable or transferrable or exchangeable?
Ticket sales are final & can only be transferable to another woman who is interested in coming to the event. We hope you have made a prior commitment and cleared your schedules to attend this Conference.

+ Will registrations be available opening day of the conference?
Sadly not. The last day for all payments is the 30th of July 2019.

+ Can men attend the conference?
This 1st Hosting Heaven Conference has been specifically dedicated for women. We encourage men to attend the conference in spirit buy sponsoring a woman’s fee to the even anonymously. Think of it as investing in the woman you would personally like your ‘future’ wife to be.

+ Is there transport to the venue on the day of the conference?
We have an #UberBuddie program where we will pair up two or more people to share an Uber from the Venue to Cape town CBD after the Event (the price is R26 per ride which can then be shared). This is our personal effort to help make the day smooth for you & we hope it will greatly reduce the expense of the Conference attendance.

+ Is there assigned seating for the Conference?
No, we suggest you come with ample time to look for a seat that best suits you and seat with your friends as you prepare for a great experience.

+ How long is the conference?
From 11am – 2pm.

+ Can I film the conference when I attend?
We will have an inhouse film crew and our personal photographer for the day, who will be doing a great job at capturing the day for you in HD. We encourage you to sit back, relax, listen to the word and be fully present in the moment. During breaks and during lunch however, you can take as many pictures as you want.

+ Will Rutendo Melody Kanguru have a book signing or meet and greet during the conference?
‘Hosting Heaven Books’ and ‘The Hosting Heaven Planner’ will be available on the day for purchase. Melody will be signing any books purchased on the day at the end of the Conference and encourages those that have not purchased the book to get a copy on the day.

+ Can I bring my small children or infant?
Since this is our first conference, we are still learning a lot about how this portion of the Conference will work in the future. At the moment, we do not have the capacity to take care of these small precious gifts and would suggest you make prior arrangements to have a sitter or relative ready for that Saturday morning, where you come to ‘fill up’ and seek more of God.

+ Are Food and Drinks allowed in the Main Auditorium?
Food only purchased in the Restaurant is allowed in the restaurant.

+ Any Merchandise for sale?
>>Hosting Heaven Branded Candles
>>Hosting Heaven Planner
>>Hosting Heaven Book
>>Hosting Heaven Hoodies
>>Hosting Heaven Book Markers

For further questions, contact us on imhostingheaven@gmail.com

We cannot wait to see you at the Conference!!

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>> Contact Us if you would like to partner up with what God is doing through this movement of #HungryWomen who are yearning to see more of Heaven right here on hearth! #WeAreHostingHim

Early Bird Registration - R280 (Still Available)            Click here And Register Now

Late Registration - R340 (Not Yet Open)

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