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Sunday, July 26, 2020


Are you....

Always in a hurry to leave the house for work or school?
Increasingly loosing hope of ever finding time to pray / meditate / do your affirmations?
Constantly feeling bad that you never get to your morning rituals/spiritual routines?

Lets change that! 

This course was created with you in mind. 

My name is Rutendo Melody Kanguru and i am a Speaker, Author, Content Creator, Thought Leader, Spiritual Catalyst and a Cost & Management Accountant by profession. When i am not in my 8-5, i love helping people show up more consistently on their prayer altar & hold 'themselves' accountable in the place of prayer! 

My story....

About 5 years ago, i finished school and found myself deeply frustrated! I was overwhelmed and failing to navigate my transition from college life to corporate life! I just could never find time to do my morning spiritual routine! I was sinking and sinking really fast!

The burden of not showing up in prayer , meditation and affirmations was weighing on me so heavily. The shame, the guilt - i was eating me up! 

Until i felt inspired to re-imagine & re-envision what i wanted my perfect spiritual routine to look like. I was far from it, but i did not stop myself from dreaming and writing it down!

 I want to share with you some of my secrets, tips, tricks and ideas through this FREE class.

Aim of This 5 Day Class

This course (the daily videos) have been intentionally made short so as not to overwhelm you.

I want to assist you with tools, ideas, tips on how to create a morning routine by moving around a few things in your first few minutes of waking up. Incorporating these habits will help you wake up in the morning to feed and nourish your soul with the spiritual practices you so dearly need!

Learn how to wake up early every day. 
Become a Morning Spiritual Habit Master!

Next Step....

You can watch this video which is your Orientation and Welcome video.
First lesson will be up on my channel 'House Of Hosting Heaven' tomorrow morning.



Are You Ready??? 

// Binge The Full Course In Less Than 30mins //

ORIENTATION : Welcome Message - watch here
DAY 1 : Renew Your Mindset - watch here
DAY 2 : 5P Method To Planning Your Spiritual Routine - watch here
DAY 3 : Habits To Elevate Your Routine - watch here
DAY 4 : Creating A Reward System - watch here
DAY 5 : Workbook & Project - watch here

// Download Free Workbook Here //

Workbook - Download Here
→ Habit Tracker - Download Here


Inviting A Friend...  

Have a Friend In Mind? Invite them along on this journey!!!
You can invite a friend by sharing the link below with them:

Send this Link -
Copy below message and paste it to them!

"Hi Friend. You are coming as my guest. Lets join this 5-Minute-A-Day eCourse for the next 5 days and keep each other accountable."




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