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Wednesday, January 01, 2020

My story.

A few years ago, i woke up one day and realized that some of the people i had invested a lot of time, love and personal investment in had let me down. I was resentful, i was angry, i was betrayed and i was hurting. Much of what i was feeling at that moment can be summed up in one work 'heart-break'.

My heart was in shatters and i realised in that moment in great shock that i had greatly outsourced the need to be loved, encouraged and affirmed to the outside world. I was placing such a high demand on others to do for me what i should have already started doing for myself...'looking and looking out for myself.'

Affirmations for Young Single Christian Women.

Have you been feeling like you need to start looking out for yourself better? Have you been struggling with self worth issues as a young single christian women? Do you want to start building up that self worth again?

The Great Self Love SERIES is a FREE 5-part video carrying affirmations for the young, single, christian woman needing to build herself up through the word of God. 

At the end of the series, I want you to be fortified in your identity with Christ. I want the word of God to build you up and MAKE YOU into the woman God destined for you to be. I want you to love yourself so much that your impatience as you wait for your future husband will completely vanish, overshadowed by God's own love for you - and your own love for yourself.

 Are you in?

Overview of the Series:

    1.Video : Affirmations For Self love
                        2.Video :  Affirmations For Single Christian Women 
                 3. Video : Affirmations For Self Belief & Self Worth
                    4.Video :  Affirmations For Emotional Healing
                          5.Video :  Affirmations For Healthy Body/Positive Body Image
                          6.Video :  Affirmations For Spiritual Endurance
                      7.Video :  Affirmations For Godly Character
                            10 Thought-Provoking Questions To Ask Yourself On Self Love                     


You can preview the Great Self Love SERIES videos by clicking picture below.

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