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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

I am open to Godly wealth.
Money exists to support me in my God given assignment.
I live an abundant limitless life.
I can get the money I desire - for as a man thinketh, so he is.

I see myself living a financially abundant life - for as far as a man can see, that the lord gives unto him.
I speak it now and I will continue to speak it until I see it BECOME.
I am rich in my inner man therefore my inner wealth is now coming into existence in my world.
I am a royal priesthood and royalty is provided for by the kingdom it comes from.

I am the head and not the tail.
I am not moved by what moves the world.
I am anchored in this truth, I have all I need and more.
God effortlessly and faithfully supplies all of my needs according to his great and unlimited riches in glory.

I host heaven in me and God is not poor.
His riches are alive in me and they provide for me.
I carry God, the greatest treasure of all time therefore I cannot lack.
There is no limit to the amount of money I can make.

I understand the laws of money and I respect them.
I will receive the amount of money I desire before a need arises for it.
Money comes to me continuously, easily and effortlessly.
Opportunities to make money look for me and I am always ready.

Money comes to me effortlessly and frequently.
It flows to me naturally!
My God is generous in blessing and kind in his giving.
I am daily provided with material nourishment.

God blesses the works of my hands and I always find monetary reward for me toil.
I am building generational wealth.
It is easy for me to make money.

I mean people well, I have a big heart and I need money to be a blessing to them.
My heart is in the right place therefore my treasure abounds.
I am not anxious over money.
Money enjoys being found by me.
I seek God’s kingdom and righteousness and money is added unto me.
I have a healthy relationship with money.
I understand money.

I am faithful to God with my wealth and therefore money flows to me effortlessly.
Floodgates of heaven open up effortlessly high and wide to give me providence daily.
There is a portal of financial blessing over my life.
I lack no good thing.
Blessings are pouring and I need to make more room to contain them.

God is my biggest life partner.
I live and function in the realm of absolute abundance!
Silver and Gold belong to my Father.
He owns cattle on a thousand hills.
All the earth is the Lord’s in its fullness.
He knows where all the hidden riches of the world are.

I have access to THE ULTIMATE SOURCE.
I am given access to all I need.
I am in the realm of absolute abundance.
I am aligned to this TRUTH and marry myself to it for life.

I am a child of God therefore money is my slave.
I speak to money and money hears me when I call it.
I am fully equipped with the transactional languages needed to call money.

I am equipped with wisdom, skill, strategy and world changing ideas.
I give them away to the world in exchange for money.
I use my confidence and gifts to create a marvellous financial situation for myself and my family.
I carry value, therefore money cannot help but follow me.
Money flows to me from multiple sources.

Money loves me.
Money respects me.
Money flows naturally to me.
I serve God and money serves me.

Money obeys my command.
I order it to go and it goes .
I order it to come and it comes.

I release all negative thoughts and beliefs towards money.
Money is a positive force for good.
Money answereth to all things.
Money changes lives.
These are my biblical truths and I will not be shaken from them.

I am fair, just and right with God in my money transactions.
I am a lender not a borrower.
Favour lubricates my money transactions and I am always on the favourable side.

I am generous to the poor.
I give God’s share to him as my faithful business and life partner.
I respect the rules, laws and principles of how to amass money.
I live above reproach in this regard therefore money answers when I call.

I love the work associated with making money.
I understand a diligent hand brings wealth.
I work hard and a worker deserves his pay.
I enjoy making money.

I make more money than I spend.
Money exists to support me in my God give assign.
I release the anxieties surrounding me about money.
I am safe, I am provided for, I live in the realm of abundance.

I will not suffer even in this season.
I live in ultimate , absolute abundance

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