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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

We are blessed God gave us you as our special gift.
Our lives changed for the better when you came.
We believe in you.
You are a brilliant kid.

You can do anything because God is on your side.
You are caring and thoughtful.
Your friends love you and love playing with you because you are a good person.
You are brave and always helpful when you are needed.

We love hearing you laugh and sharing your stories.
Your teachers think you are amazing.
You solve problems with ease.
You can do anything through Christ who strengthens you.

You never allow anyone to tell you you can't do anything.
You were born to do great things.
The world needs you.
You are compassionate, kind to others and a good child.

We are proud to call you our child.
You are beautiful
You look good in everything your wear
You are special
You don’t need to be perfect.

It okay to cry sometimes.
People are lucky to know you and be friends with you.
You are a gift from God.
We will always love you.

You are growing in wisdom and stature daily
You are our little warrior
Your questions are fascinating, never stop asking them.
We will always love you.

We will always be here to hold your hand.
God is your best friend and wants you to talk to him
You inspire us to be better parents
You are always safe here.

Never feel you have to be anyone else that who you are
You are fearfully and wonderfully made
You always do your best and we are proud of you
You are important.

All your problems have solutions.
You never give up.
Every day is a fresh start, you can try again tomorrow.

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