10 Minute Guided Morning Christian Meditation With Positive Affirmations

Sunday, May 24, 2020

I am where I need to be and doing what I need to be doing.
I have a healthy relationship with seasons and times.
I am never late.
I am not forgotten.
I am enjoying the life I am living.

The Lord neither leaves nor forsakes me.
Can a new mother forget her new born child, never.
In the same way the Lord never forgets me.

I am supported.
I enjoy the benefits of the choices I make in Godly wisdom.
I am unconditionally loved, not for what I can do,
But for who I am.

I am the apple of God’s eye.
I am chosen.
I am pleasing before God.

I am completely accepted in the beloved.
I belong.
There is always a place in God for me.
My happiness is my personal responsibility.
Today I will be kind, encouraging and forgiving to myself.

I take good care of myself.
I am not hard on myself.
I am a priority.
I am kind to myself.
I am doing well.

I am supported.
I am healed, whole and secure.
Help is always readily available to me on demand.
I am ready for everything this day has in-store for me.
My steps are ordered by God.

God has gone ahead of me
He has set me up for victory.
I am ready for God’s best.
I give myself permission to receive God’s best.

I let go of yesterday’s failures.
I am anxious for nothing.
The Lord supplies all my needs according to his riches in glory.
God is making a way where there seems to be no way.

I am strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.
I have help available to me on demand.
I am healed.
I am whole.
I am loved unconditionally.

I cooperate with God for my life today.
I am distinguished and prepared.
I am highly favored.
I am a capable parent to my children.
I am a suitable partner for my spouse.
I am divinely empowered to serve those around me.

I am anointed for my assignment.
I am like a tree planted by rivers of living waters.
I bear fruit in and out of season.

I am growing and becoming better.
I am cleansed and refreshed by God’s word.
I am a chosen people, God’s special possession.

I am covered.
I am grateful for my position.
I am fully present in today.
I am fully present in today.
I am equipped to serve.
I am open to God’s support.

I gravitate towards destiny connections.
I am fruitful where I am planted.
I am thriving.
I am uniquely beautiful.

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