9 Minutes Guided Meditation For Purpose People

Monday, June 22, 2020

I acknowledge and am grateful for my place in the world.
Big or small, I deeply respect and value what I do.
I am valuable, I am loved, I am needed here.
I am equipped. I have all it takes for my journey.

I am okay with not having all the answers.
I trust in God’s timing, he has times and seasons in his hands.
According to scripture, when the time is right, he says "I the Lord will make it happen".
I recognize and serve opportunities as and when they appear .
All things concerning my life are coming together.

I am worthy of the call of God over my life in this season.
Big or small, I deeply respect and value what I do.
I have all it takes. I am equipped.
In this season, it’s safe for me to be in alignment with God’s call for my life.

I am trusting the journey.
I am supported and led.
I am discovering my power, moment by moment.
I am open to all things and people that serve my purpose.

I am in alignment with God’s plan for my life.
I am powerfully present in every moment.
I am loving all that I am.
I am confidently engraving my uniqueness into my life & my purpose.

I have supernatural grace for every season.
Wonderful things happen to me frequently and effortlessly.
I happily and joyfully accept responsibility for everything that comes with my call.
Fear, doubt and insecurity loose their grip on me now.

I can do all things I put my mind to for I have the mind of Christ.
I am capable and competent , just as I am.
I release all harmful, self sabotaging conversations I have about myself with myself.
I choose to be kind and compassionate with myself.
I am doing the best, I can with the tools available to me.
When I do good, good comes back to find me.
I know the future has wonderful things in store for me.

I am bigger than my current struggles.
I am evolving.
I am comfortable in my own skin.
I am willing to ask for help.

I am receiving solutions to what worries me.
I am free to learn and grown at my own pace.
I am wildly excited about my life.
I am devoted to my God-given purpose.
Big or small , I deeply respect and love what I do.

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