Affirmations For Relocation / New City

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

I declare that I am ready for change
I am equipped for this season of transition.
I release the old and I accept the new.
The shaking, re-arranging, re-positioning will all work in my favor.

I trust this new path.
I am completely secure in God’s guidance.
I bless this new city.
I bless this land.

This city is blessed because I am in it.
Doors and Gates are opening up for me as I come.
The land is ready to receive me as I come.
Opportunities come to me naturally and effortlessly.

The success I want is here.
The peace I want is here.
My destiny is here.

My divine connections are here.
My opportunities are here.
I am fully equipped for this new city.
All my needs are met according to God’s riches in glory through Christ.

As Abraham moved into the unknown in full trust,
I step into this city trusting God.
I am led here.

As Moses moved out of Egypt in full trust,
All things I desire to come out of this move are already done.
My steps are ordered.
I am led. I have help. I am fully supported.
The Lord neither leaves nor forsakes me.

I will lack no good thing.
The silver and the gold of this land shall be my inheritance.
I am provided for.
Doors of opportunity are opening up high and wide as I come.

This is my Goshen.
What has been hard for others will not be hard for me.
I am moving in FAVOR.
I am fiercely and radically trusting God for my establishment.

I declare grace to have an upper hand in all my challenges.
My hands are trained and ready for battle.
I declare my new neighborhood is blessed.
I declare my workplace is blessed.
I declare my colleagues are blessed.

God I thank you for access into this city.
Divine portals are open for me as I have an open heaven functioning on top of me.
Grace, Grace over my path.
I speak an atmosphere conducive for my rise.
This city is pregnant with opportunities ready for me. 

I am aligned.
I am ready.
I am in position.

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