Women Of The Word Guided Bible Study

Saturday, February 01, 2020


Guided Bible Study Meditations...

The Women Of The Word Guided Bible Study is a FREE 8-part video series carrying affirmations (in guided meditation format) for the christian woman needing to build herself up through the word of God. 

We have taken bible stories of phenomenal women in scripture and used them to meditate on some of their most powerful virtues which we need to embody in our daily christian walk.

At the end of the series, I want you to be fortified in your identity with Christ. I want you to be comforted by the situations these women of the word went through and conquered. May their strength through hard times become your own strength. May their wisdom become your own wisdom. May their Godly character become your own Godly character.

And lastly, I want the word of God to build you up and MAKE YOU into the woman God destined for you to be.

 Are you in?

Let's Begin...


When you are done watching the orientation to this series, 
you can now head on over to our 8 videos below and pick a woman that best resonates to the season you are currently in. 

May this series minister to you in a very special way.

Day 1 : Ruth's Story - watch now 

Day 2: Elizabeth's Story - watch now 

Day 3 : Martha's Story - watch now 

Day 4 : Sarah's Story - watch now 

Day 5 : Naomi's Story - watch now 

Day 6 : Miriam's Story - watch now 

Day 7 : Esther's Story - watch now 

Day 8 : Mary's Story - watch now 

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