Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hosting Heaven


Do you know that you can ‘Host’ the Holy Spirit as though he were a guest in your house? You could create an environment where he wants to live in and act on your behalf. Has he found a space in your heart? Have you been a good host? By being a good host you can learn to feel his heartbeat, know his will for your life and his voice. 

This book will feed you with an insatiable hunger and thirst to hear God’s voice for your life. In this book you will find an ordinary woman’s journey through learning for herself that hearing God is not a spiritual gift but a birth right for every believer. It a true testament of how the best friendship you can ever cultivate is with the Holy Spirit. That relationship is not a myth, it can be your portion too, if you want it.


                       Hosting Heaven - Study Guide


Staying connected to God is not easy, especially considering that the world we live in is filled with so many distractions. Many have settled for a life where they do not hear God’s voice for their lives. But you can refuse to be a ‘statistic’ and start taking inventory of your spiritual life today. Are you growing in your hearing God?

The questions in this book have been designed to help you self-introspect and do some ‘spiritual work’ to get your ears and heart open to hearing God again. This book requires your honesty, authenticity and vulnerability! Questions enclosed in these pages will help you:

  • Dig into some root causes of your dried up prayer life
  • Clear the spiritual clutter in your life
  • Provide practical exercises and prayer points to kick start a new page on your journey with God


What People Are Saying...

The anticipation and excitement has been building up for the past year for a Paperback (HARD COVER) copy of Hosting Heaven after a number of people received it as a FREE Christmas ebook gift. 

This is what people were saying....


 Some Internet Buzz... 

 Hosting Heaven Challenge

Who has ever been in an incredibly beautiful love relationship with someone and kept it a secret? No one right? So why do we keep our relationship with the Holy Spirit, our helper, our counselor, our teacher, or strength - a secret! - My main aim with creating this challenge was to bring the 'Holy Spirit Conversation' to mainstream. 

My video:

A number of my Youtube sisters joined in on the fun and took up the Hosting Heaven Challenge on their own various Youtube channels, answering a few questions about their relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

You can watch their videos here....

Ruth Naomi Mitchell
Channel Name : FFAR

Channel Name: God’s Treasure 

Christina Patterson

Tolu Falode:
Channel Name: Tolu Falode

Gift Ogwa:
Channel Name: Kaydo's Show

Getting Connected Sisters:

Jemima Desmangles:
Channel Name: Jemima Desmangles

Beverly Nina:
Channel Name: Beverly Nina

Channel Name: LizMargaret

Frida Majestic
Channel Name: Frida Majestic 

So....after watching those videos, what is your 'Hosting Heaven' story?
I wanna hear about it.
Share it with me on the comments section below!!


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