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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Teacher’s Show is a story telling platform which uses creative communication to facilitate behavioural change in people. It was birthed from a camera, a laptop and a passion to see lives change. The Show’s goal is to connect ordinary ‘day to day people’ to purpose and aid them as they start walking towards DESTINY.

The Teacher’s Show has a fast growing viewership of over a 3800 subscribers and speaks weekly to young women and men from over 119 different countries across the globe.

Melody is a ‘Content Creator’’ and a ‘Producer’ of thought-provoking videos through the inspiration of the Teacher (Holy Spirit). Melody’s videos are easy and practical tools to living a victorious life that is purpose oriented and fulfilled. She uses the ‘Word of God’ to teach new trails of thoughts which are ‘counter-culture’, a quality about her that makes her an undeniable force of ‘mind renewal’ for our generation.

Melody intimately and intricately articulates people’s thoughts, mind-sets and struggles, a gift which gives her an edge when it comes to pointing them to the solutions to their problems. Using her own life as an example, Melody teaches and equips from a place of experience and because of that many people gravitate to her. She is a gifted facilitator of dialogue and has a mandate over her life to align people to DESTINY. Melody is a Speaker, Blogger & Minister of the Word.

She loves God, loves people and loves changing lives!

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