Dear Future Husband...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I desire that...

Your 'Love for God' makes me look like a joke.
Your desire to Obey him always makes me look like 'I'm playing'!

I want to look at you and think
'And there I was thinking I love Jesus!'
Loving God is my pre-requisite!

I wanna observe you and realise in amazement that there are dimensions of Loving God I still have not yet explored. I want to watch you and secretly think,

"That guy is messed up!"
The beauty about love is that its contagious.
I want to feed on your love for Christ. It should be viral, it should be visible, it should be contagious!

I want to be challenged.
I want to be 'led' in this Love Encounter....

As i follow your lead....i want to discover paths you have personally created....
created with your 'pursuit'....
created with your 'search'....
'created in your Quest'....
created with your travail'....

.....paths that lead to God's throne.

I want to watch you seek for him and then exclaim;

"Oh, I didn't know he can be found like that!"

I want you to tell me....'Hey, this path will take us to him quicker. I have walked through it before!'

I look forward to watching you fall more and more in Love with Christ!

I will find joy in knowing that 'you & him' are a relationship I can't compete with!

Wherever you are....I love you even though I have never met you!


#MK | <3

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