Dear Woman of God....

Friday, April 24, 2015


So....Unfortunately, you are the only woman in the world who can't stand in public and bash your husband on how inconsiderate he is, how rude he sometimes gets...or even how you recently found out he was flirting with this girl, or was unfaithful with that girl, or how he is being rude and loving to you after he preaches on the pulpit. (God forbid that such a tragedy should ever happens to you....but if it ever does happen.....lets get you prepared!).

You unlike many....unfortunately do not even have the privilege to be specific about your struggles (such as the above) even in a testimony nor even a preaching!

That being the case, there are a few nuggets you need to learn you are in waiting, before God trusts you with the responsibility of being a wife, to a called man!

What Disciplines are important for you to start practising?

Lets see...

So as you are in waiting, remember...
1. Girl Grow Up!
Something is massively wrong if people just need to go on your 'status updates' to know that you are going through...

Hell, fire and high waters!

There's enough negativity in this world to last us a lifetime! And you have been called to give people hope. So....Stop settling scores with people on your whatsapp status update, facebook status update, Ista update,....hell, if its not edifying or heart warming,....we the children of the congregation most likely do not have the stomach to contain it, nor the maturity to understand it! Protect us!And sometimes...we are going through our own struggles and honestly.....we are not interested in hearing your issues! Mind you, your calling has no 5pm knock off time from work....its 24-7, even on social media! So grow up! (toughlove)

2. God 1st
Start training yourself until it becomes reflex that 'God is the first port of call' at all times!

2. A Trusted Inner Circle
With God's help and direction, prayerfully find an inner circle of close friends that can be trusted and have been tested...who you can confide in in times of trouble! These are the people that you can share your struggles with and that will be your voice of reason when you are about to act a fool....and break a church with a few wrong words on social media...or any other platform for that matter,!

4. Go Ahead & De-Tox
Learn the art of de-toxing before God. What do I mean? Learn to cast your burdens upon God in prayer. At any point in any situation,

God must know more about your story than any man!

He made you, he understands you...and he cares for you. And he is genuinely interested in your matter....unlike many of us usually are.
5. Take a Chill Pill
Start learning to always maintain your calm in all situations. No good decisions were ever made in agitation. The inner-peace you have, God gave it to you...and the world can't, is not allowed to and must never take it away!

6. Own your portion!
Get rid of this mentality that you have that

'Nobody had a right to do or say that to me!'.

You will soon realise that your husband....or any other person for that matter... can do whatever the hell he wants and that the only portion of that equation that you have control over is your reaction and your response. Trust me, he can do and say 'anything' he wants to you! (One thing is certain....judgement is between him and God).

7. Keep Getting Better
Practise 'continuous growth' in ever situation. Learn to intentionally handle situations better, respond better. Be BETTER!

8. Tantrums & all that stuff...
As you try to change him....punishing him with silent treatment, 'the famous cold shoulder', also remember these words....

"Man can change the actions of the beast...but ONLY God can change the heart of the beast!".
You cant change him...he will change when he DECIDES to yield to God's nudge (because trust me, God will have been speaking about those issues to him)...not yours! So pray! be continued...

(I feel a strong burden for woman today!)

#MK | <3

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