Fears that Derail DESTINY - CHANGE

Thursday, October 20, 2016

They say; 

"There is nothing as constant as change."

Abraham was told to leave all he was familiar with to go to an unknown location. Not only did he have to battle the fear of 'change', he was also trusted with dealing with the 'fear of the unknown'. Yet he trusted that the same voice that told him to live, would somehow re-appear and show him the way. In life, you need to cultivate a deep sense of trust in God, an uncommon, unusual trust. Those that do, get to experience God at a totally different level. 

We are so used to walking 'the path of least resistance' so much so, we would rather camp where nothing is growing that trust God and take a leap of faith! I imagine the children of Israel, daily having to depend on God for food when they were used to a comfortable, planned, set lifestyle. Are you willing to go towards that which is uncertain, or fear of change has crippled your 'courage'! On your walk towards Destiny, you have to be malleable, workable, adaptable and very quick to work around change. You cannot afford to be staying in that place called the 'comfort-zone' where nothing grows....

PRAYER: May God give you courage to move past your emotions. May you be strong and of good courage. He that promised is faithful. May you heed his command when he says; 'Do not be afraid, but be strong and of good courage'. You have not been given the spirit of fear but of POWER, LOVE and a SOUND-MIND! You are FEARLESS!!! 


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