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Thursday, October 20, 2016

I used to know someone who would never spend a day without asking; 

'But, what will people think?' 

I watched this life long enough to grow a deep hatred for the spirit that caused this fear. It dawned on me that it was the 'Fear of Man'! This spirit is deadly! Scripture says, "...The Fear of man brings a snare, but he who trusts in the Lord will be exalted" - Proverbs 29:25. How many gifted people are living in mediocrity because they refuse to stand out? How many called people have decided to live beneath their 'call' because they are afraid of what people will say. 

At the core of this spirit is deep, unhealthy desire to protect 'one's REPUTATION....a reputation which many of us don't even have as yet. To pursue Destiny, you need to loose yourself! This journey can only be walked by a completely 'new you', with a new mindset! A you that has resolved that it is not about people but about Destiny! God had a purpose over your life, before people had an opinion! Rise up, Destiny Calls!

PRAYER: May you and I be delivered from an unhealthy fear of man! May we refuse to live a life that is stagnant because we are afraid of the opinions of man. I stand in agreement with you that you are liberated, you are free, your mind is free to be what God has called you to be! Yes, I see you 'BEING'...in Jesus name! 


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