Thursday, October 20, 2016



Moses says to God; "Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and tell him to let Israel go!"...We all have those moments, where standing in front of us is a task so great we shrivel and hide. In the face of weighing the facts of our 'capacity' against the vision we want to pursue, it makes more sense to not even try! But we forget though...'whose we are'! We forget that we are covenant people, who have access to divine strength, divine intelligence, divine resources! If we do it 'Alone', it will not work...and that's why God had to pledge a never ending, unbroken fellowship with us! He neither leaves nor forsakes us! And because we are standing on the shoulder of a giant and gliding on the wind of 'grace'...nothing is impossible for those who believe! A double minded man cannot receive anything from the Lord, but if today you would decide to come into agreement with God, you will see what many have never seen before! There are great exploits God wants to do with a rare kind of people...a people who are daring enough to just 'BELIEVE' they are capable! 

PRAYER: I have been given all things pertaining to LIFE and so I am running a rigged race! I win always! I am already more than a conqueror and my inheritance is success! I know the greatest and I am known by the greatest! All things are working together for my good and whatever I set my mind to, I have access to! He gives me the desires of my heart because he planted these desires there. I am thankful today that I am enough, I have enough and so I will do enough and receive a great reward! I am adequate! I have what it takes! Yes...I am enough....in Jesus Name.



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