Fears That Derail Destiny - FAILURE

Thursday, October 20, 2016

So let's face it, you don't have much to lose from where you are standing now. You haven't done anything extravagant, and if we are honest with each other...you have very little to lose! That's mostly because you have been too afraid to even launch out and start anything in the first place! A wise man once said; "If you haven't failed in a while, it means you have not been trying out anything new!"You have to learn to get used to failure as much as you are to success. 

The joy of knowing that you can exploit every failure and use it to make you stronger, wiser and better is also very fulfilling! Tell me...how many lemonades have you made out of the lemons life has dealt you with? While you wallow in self pity, others who have gone through what you have gone through are giving talks, writing books and making millions out of their failures! Failure then has to become as natural a process to you as getting it right. You shouldn't desire it...but if it happens, refuse to let it cripple you! The day you release yourself from the obligation to always have it 'right', is the day you will start making progress in leaps and bounds. 

Can I be honest with you...half of the time, we are paralyses by the fear of failure because we have also used it as a weapon to 'devalue' and 'discourage' others. Much of what we fear is what we ourselves have used to tame, control and regulate others! Many people are not comfortable with being wrong..and that's a problem! It's a paralyzing...destiny quenching problem! Imagine this...Christ came to die for the wrong we had committed and those we were still yet to commit! He provided GRACE...and even grace makes room for 'failures'! 

Simon Peter had to reach a point where he stepped out of the boat...and decided to do what he had never done before; and he walked on water! His desire to get to where Jesus was became stronger than his fear to fail! He left the familiar, and as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus, he was afloat! Could it be that your fear of failure is the because you have missed the object of your focus!!! 

PRAYER: May God break the spirit of failure off from you in Jesus Name! Be free!Destiny Awaits!


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