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Thursday, December 15, 2016

I am so excited to share this book with you. I never planned on writing it and till this very moment, i am in awe that i was chosen as a vessel to get it into your hands. 

What should you expect from this BOOK:

I am connecting my FAITH with yours and trusting for God to;

Revive your relationship with him!
Become expectant for the words in this book to breathe life into your dry places!
May your wounds be healed and scars beautified! 
Expect to remember your own walk with the Holy Spirit as you introspect!
Let God draw you into a loving relationship and conversation once again !
Expect for Questions to find answers!
May you feel at ease to ask him anything because he is near and available!
Expect for a new hunger to hear his voice more deeply!
Expect for some chains to be broken and your life to be CHANGED!
This book is from God’s heart to yours!!! May you come back with a TESTIMONY! 

Download FREE e-Book Here ⏩ Link No Longer Available

(Leave me a comment down below & let me know which country you are downloading this book from)

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