27 Things Every Christian Woman Should Know How To Do

Saturday, February 18, 2017


1. Choose your ‘church’ outfit in less than 30 minutes (or less).

2. Counsel and encourage another woman going through a situation you have been through, using scripture.

3. Cook up a lovely ‘Christmas’ or ‘Thanksgiving’ dinner for a family get together.

4. Forgive, because forgiveness is a virtue for the brave.

5. Set spiritual goals for the year and move towards them with every month passing.

6. Facilitate a cell group meeting.

7. Know how to use her tongue to speak affirmations to her young sons and Husband.

8. How to wait for a husband without getting anxious or desperate.

9. Being a loyal and reliable friend to at least one other woman.

10. Praying in and out of season, when you feel like it and when you don’t.

11. Locate and allot your own alone time in your weekly schedule.

12. How to stay out of ‘church politics’.

13. Pray consistently for your family. It doesn’t have to be long, violent prayers. Just a few whispers a day everywhere you are.

14. Help a frustrated or broken friendship reconcile.

15. Share a 5 minute devotional at your work, school or church prayer meeting

16. Endure hardship without quitting.

17. How to go ‘the extra mile’ in any place you are planted in this season.

18. Know what God envisioned you to be when he made you a ‘Helper’.

19. Read a book and actually finish it. Anyone can start, very few can finish!

20. Talk to a younger Christian about ‘love’ and share your wisdom with them.

21. Respond to a harsh attack with a ‘gentle and quiet spirit’. Sometimes silence and gentleness is the most powerful scream.

22. Plan for a day before it arrives, because a goal without a plan is just a wish.

23. Host a Christian ‘girl’ sleep over.

24. Invest in Christian material that is stretching you out of your comfort zone (books, CDs, Conferences).

25. How to skilfully manoeuvre out of ‘gossip’ conversations at work, school, church, at home (You can train yourself on how to divert conversations).

26. Live with eternity in mind, because eternity is where we came from and eternity is our destination.

27. Be Grateful for your portion

Your Turn….

I would love to hear from YOU.

Which ‘nugget of wisdom’ mentioned above resonated with you the most, in your current space in life? What other nugget have you learned and accepted as a must know how to do.


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