20 Virtues Every Christian Woman Should Aspire To Have

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

1.  A Gentle & a Quiet Spirit: Being peaceable and having contained power that is well regulated.

2.     Compassion: This is being sympathetic towards and showing concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. It is the ability to cry with those who cry.

3.       Loyalty: This is a strong feeling of support or allegiance to someone.

4.       Respect: Respect is a due regard and deep admiration for someone.

5.   Faith: Faith is the currency by which we can transact with the supernatural world. It is a prerequisite to pleasing God and receiving from God. Faith brings substance of things we hope for and it is our sure guarantee and evidence that what we do not see, actually is.

6.       Sincerity: This is the ability to walk life void of pretense.

7.       Modesty: Modest is the quality of appearing relatively moderate, limited, or regulated.

8.    Peace Maker: Peace makers are constantly trying to device ways in which to bring those in frustrated relationships together. They unify and seek out opportunities to bury situations of strife.

9.       Home Maker: Home makers have an ability to take a house and make it into a home.

10.   Caring: Showing concern or empathy for others.

11.   Hard Working: Being someone who tends to work with energy, commitment & diligence.

12.  Considerate: Thinking about the feelings of others. Being careful not to inconvenience or harm the next person. Putting others above you.

13. Encourager: Someone who inspires hope, courage, lifts up people’s spirits and instills confidence in others.

14.   Courage: This is strength in the face of pain or grief.

15.   Reconciler: Someone who knows how to be a mediator and can negotiate for two parties in disagreement to resolve their issues.

16.   Wisdom: This is the right application of knowledge you already possess.

17.   Excellence: This is striving for everything you work on to be distinct, superior and of a high quality.

18.   Friendliness: Someone who has a good, warm and inviting nature about their presence.

19.   Peaceful: This is being in a state of calm, and being in touch with yourself. It is being in a place where you can be sensitive to the needs of others because you are quiet and attentive enough to listen to what God is saying. Peaceful people hardly anxious or worried because they have placed their trust in God and so can afford to be still.

20.   Authenticity: Being genuine and without falsehood.


I hope this article blessed you and I’m hoping you will prayerfully introspect in your life and chose at least 5 virtues you can start working on growing with intent in your own walk with Christ.

Your Turn…..

What virtue resonated with you the most in today’s article and why? I would like to hear from you on the comments section down below.

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