How To Stay Hungry For God

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Have you ever wanted to genuinely pursue God, to genuinely be hungry not for his hand but for HIM? You wanted to go after him with a fierce determination, but it felt like your heart was not working the way it should? More like it had a virus and was corrupted. Something had stolen your joy of salvation and killed your intimacy with God.

Desperately in need of him, yet you just did not have enough hunger to do the ‘pursuit’.

I have been there before!

It’s painful to want God, to know you need him and can’t do without him and yet not have your heart engage to the ‘pursuit’ of him. We are living in a world where many things are corrupting our hearts and making them numb to the hunger that should be overwhelming our hearts for him…

Life can get so clustered and you might be finding yourself surrounded by so many distractions and so many other things that are stealing the love that is meant to be showered to God alone.

You might have lost your ability to nurturer and keep your hunger for God alive!

How do you get that hunger back?

One of the ways I have found never to fail is actually right under your nose! You pray for it! Yes! You humble yourself and ask God for help. You pray for God to fill you up with an insatiable hunger for him, and to keep intriguing you so much so, you never grow tired of him…
Some of the most uncommon prayers we need to be praying when we are in a prolonged dry season of hard heavens, unanswered prayers, mechanical quiet times and just dead intimacy with God is;

“God, feed me with a hunger for you.”

It actually takes ‘God’ to be ‘hungry for God’. Did you know? It is his grace that continues to draw us closer to him. He knows how to hold us close.

Today, If you are in a season where you feel a great distant between you and God, your prayer life is next to non-existent, you want to be but you are just no longer excited about him…he can help!

I want to pray with you today, that God may restore a hunger in you for him…

Pray these words with me…..

“Father, in Jesus name….you said we do not have because we do not ask. You said we ask but we ask amiss and so we do not receive. You said if we ask however, we will receive and if we seek, we will find. Today I seek for no other thing but a genuine, deep hunger and desire for you. Oh my soul…love the lord! Oh my heart…seek after him. Feed me with an insatiable hunger for you. For if the Fathers of the world are able to give good gifts to their children, what more you. I do not seek for money, pleasure, fame or wealth; I seek for you. Forgive me of any sin that has separated me from you. Cleanse me from anything that had corrupted my spirit and stolen my desire from you. Let your fresh wind breath over me again, and let new waters be poured over me again…that I may hunger and thirst for you, as a normal child should towards a God as great as you. AMEN.

If you have prayed that prayer, I am standing in faith with you that you have just stepped into a new season of intimacy with the Lord. Begin to pray right now and begin to experience the joy and liberty of speaking to him again. Let that atmosphere follow you home and may God give you grace to sustain it.

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I’m praying for you…



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