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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

( Randomly extracted questions from different Chapters of the book )

Chapter 3

6. Friendships must be divine connections. But even bitterness and brokenness too can bring people together. List down friendships that your own brokenness has attracted you to in the past/now.

8. Who are the 5 people in your life that stimulate ‘spiritual conversations’ in you?

Chapter 4

4. If hearing God is important for survival, are there ‘life mistakes’ you have made that you believe could have been avoided had you nurtured your hearing from God? List them down.

10. Our time on earth is not ours, it is borrowed. Are you content with the value you have given to this world on God’s behalf so far?

Chapter 6

12. Have you truly accepted the Holy Spirit as your helper in all of life’s many matters? Which areas still need your surrender?

Chapter 10

2. From your background, what notions have made you believe God’s voice is difficult to hear and understand?

5. What was the last thing God instructed you to do? Are God’s instructions to you always easy to understand? Do you make a habit of asking God for clarity in areas where you are confused? What has your experience been with Him ‘speaking back to you’?

Chapter 11

5. Think back in your life to an encounter you believe is your own version of the ‘burning bush experience’. What changed your life that day? (It does not have to be extravagant but it has to be meaningful to you.)

Chapter 14

5. How good is your ability to move from one season to the next? What 2 incidences in your past show your adaptability and readiness to change? Is this something that comes naturally to you or you struggle? What are you doing to work on this area of your life?
12. Write down 5 of your most common excuses to spending time with God.

Chapter 17

A wounded heart

  1. Tick the areas which apply to you:
  • Are you experiencing a wound someone inflicted on your heart through their actions or words? (For how long have you been offended?)
  • Do you feel pain every time someone’s name is mentioned?
  • Do you alter your behavior whenever they are around?
  • Have you become critical of the person and others due to the incident that occurred between you?
  • Have you started noticing traces of hurt in the way you process other stories you hear which are similar to yours?
  • Have you reduced your trust and confidence in people due to the pain you have felt?
  • Have you done anything to confront and deal with the pain?
  • Has this incident drawn you further from God?

3. List 5 ways your pain affected your hearing from God. Has it drawn you further or closer to Him?

5. Pleasures of the World

7. Write a story. Paint your picture. What does an ideal relationship with God look like to you if you let go of the pleasures and desires of the world you have held on to in your walk with God?

7. Living in perpetual sin

4.Which environment could you decide to stay away from today that would reduce your chances of falling into perpetual sin? List them down. What is your commitment in terms of making sure that this happens? Right it down.

8. Guilt

7. Have you fortified your spirit with scripture? Search for 5 scriptures on the grace of God and begin to mediate on them for the next 5 days.

10. Carnality
6.         When you have no boundaries, it is easy to handle certain areas of your life recklessly. What are your boundaries in life? If you do not have any, I encourage you to do the following exercise:

List down values you will adopt as your own from today onwards in the following areas of your life:

o          Spiritual
o          Emotional
o          Mental
o          Relational
o          Business
o          Ministerial
o          Career
o          Home
o          Financial
o          Family
o          Health

(You can add on other departments of your own life that are applicable to you)

You are welcome to print this sample of questions and use them to do some personal spiritual homework on your own journey with God. For the full book with over 200+ Introspection questions which you can use for your devotional time:

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