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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Questions you may have...

How will this book help me?

This workbook is going to help you ask pertinent questions about your spiritual journey, help you uncover some of the things standing in your way from having a healthy, happy, rich and satisfying relationship with God. You will do a lot of journaling, writing, soul searching, introspection, forgiving, repenting and praying while working slowly through this book. This book will ultimately help with some practical actionable habits to start cultivating as you re-embark on a journey to host heaven again. Are you ready?

Is this book enough or I need Hosting Heaven?

Although it would be beneficial for you to have read Hosting Heaven before attempting to use this book, it still carries a lot of general questions which you can and will be able to answer and use without Hosting Heaven. This is without a doubt, still an adequate tool to help you evaluate, introspect, clean-up, declutter and improve your spiritual life.

Is this book for personal use or group study?

This book is a great tool for self-introspection and will yield you much result if used in your own devotional and quiet time. It has so many intricately personal questions that require you to be in a space where you feel vulnerable and are honest enough with yourself to list down some of the issues you know you have in your life. I can guarantee you that at the least, after completing this exercise; you will have better knowledge of yourself.

However, if you have a trusted friend and you discover some questions in this book that would make very good group study questions, feel free to use this book during your girl’s sleepovers, camp meetings, cell group meetings or coffee dates.

How long will it take me to finish the exercises?

This question is entirely up to the reader. This is because we have a diverse group of people who are at different stations with God in their lives. The more issues you have to deal with, the more time you have to send stationed at one are of this book. For some, it will take a month, for others it will take a full year.

I encourage using this book on a yearly basis to re-evaluate if there are areas which have changed in your walk. You need to keep asking yourself the right questions, so you can identify areas in your life needing work, grow, improve and begin to flourish in your walk with God.

Recommended times to use this book

•           Morning quiet time
•           During lunch break at work
•           On a week day evening
•           While commuting to work
(Get inventive and creative. You can use this book for sleep overs, cell group, all night hangouts with friends, counselling sessions, mentorship. Just let the spirit of God lead you in its use!)

Do I need to answer every question?

If you are not yet prepared to answer a certain question, you can skip it while you prayerfully prepare yourself to be in a space where you can be honest enough with yourself to answer truthfully, for only being truthful with yourself will set you free and help you grow!

What is the goal after completing the Hosting Heaven study?

Imagine a guilt free life where you do not have to cringe every time you think about how long it’s been since you spent quality time and conversation with God. Imagine a life where you have discovered some of the root causes and patterns which have you avoiding God and have dug them up. Imagine having your clogged ears opened again and your heart set free to freely worship, love and commune with God again. A fulfilling, fun, consistent and committed relationship with God is waiting for you at the end of this book.

I can’t wait to see the new you at the end of these pages. 

Now let’s get to work!

With Love



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