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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Chapter 17

10. Carnality

“The natural man (carnal) does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God. 
For they are foolishness to him, 
and he cannot understand them, 
because they are spiritually discerned.” 
Berean Study Bible 

1 Corinthians 2:14

I have noticed that each time I put much focus on things that increase my carnality, the voice of God is drowned in all the worldly information I have gathered. The bible says friendship with the world creates enmity with the Lord. In trying to hear God more, you will have to say no to your flesh and build up your spirit daily. Worldly magazines filled with topics like Top 6 sex positions of the month, How to seduce a woman, 3 good ways to spend time on vacation with your boyfriend are not taking you closer to God. 

Romantic books and other novels that awaken your love before it is time will numb and quench the voice of God and His leading over your life. Listening to worldly music filled with foul words, sexual implications, perpetuating racial segregation and hate can and will completely frustrate the voice of God over your life. Anything that distorts God’s ideology and original intent for life as it should be lived on this earth, is taking you further and further away from His voice.

I remember wanting to listen to a worldly song yet the following day I had to minister worship. I just felt a tug on my heart saying:

“The amount of time it will take you to flush out the message of what you are letting into your spirit through your ears is not worth you listening to it.‟

On that day, I remember just surrendering to the Holy Spirit’s leading.


For His voice to become clearer, invest your time on spiritual activities that make you more spiritual than carnal. Begin to develop a love for gatherings where prayer and the word are being shared. When you surround yourself with people that love God and make Him the center of their lives and discussions, you also catch their spirit. This will encourage and facilitate your own hearing. It will stir you up from within and give you a desire to also hear Him. Reading the word of God is another form of direct communication that the world has neglected. I cannot begin to stress how powerful the bible is at opening your ears to hearing God. Watching Christian movies and making intentional efforts to not consume yourself with news that increase your worry and panic will also help you live a peaceful Christian walk where the voice of the shepherd is audible. Declare over your life:


I refuse to be a carnal man, for a carnal man cannot receive from the Lord. I am transformed by the renewing of my mind and so I declare that I am not conformed to the standards of this world.
I pledge my allegiance to God Almighty and may I grow in the knowledge of his Son Jesus Christ. Dear God, close my eyes to anything that steals my affection from you. I declare over my life a spirit filled temperament and a character that gives glory to God. If you just made those declarations today, I am also standing in agreement with you as you pray that your affections right now are being set on things above, not things beneath. I see you hosting heaven and growing in your fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I see your intimacy giving birth to a life that will touch others and change nations. I see you catching your purpose in prayer and running with it. I see you refusing to walk in carnality, but rising up like an eagle, ready to sour in the spirit!


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