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Thursday, June 14, 2018


We need to get you to a place where you start putting some 'structure' into your spiritual life. One of the reasons we do not win in our ‘spiritual journey’ is that we have NO END GOAL...

"How can you score when there is no goal post?"


We are going to do what we are calling a 'Current Me VS Future Me' drawing.

We spoke about 'Dream Journaling' and also mentioned a 'Gratitude Journal' in our first lesson. By now....I'm hoping you have both or at least 1.

Today's exercise is simple but powerful.


1.Open up a double sheet page

2.On the LEFT: write down how you feel at this point in the year (2018). This is where you are at in your 'inner-space' or 'spiritual space'. Be honest and transparent 

3.On the RIGHT: use words, feelings, verbs and even descriptions to paint the picture of who you want to become spiritually and character the end of the year and as you begin 2019.
Setting an intent is going to help you becoming more intentional with creating this BRAND that is (________ insert your name here)

Imagine having the power to intentionally respond to every one of life's circumstances with....

"...I'm not going to respond to this situation in 'that' way because - that is not who I have promised myself I want to BECOME!!!"

Powerful right?!
So let's start on that journey!
Let's build up a strong 'intent'!
Let's know who we want to BE....

Exercise: I need you to put aside 15 minutes TODAY to do this work!

Get it done today because 'looking into yourself, is an uncomfortable exercise, which unless you are forced to will find every excuse in the book to run from.

So it has to be TODAY!

I'm praying for you!!

Now that you painted a picture of the woman you are going to BECOME during the course of this year....

I want you to look within, introspect, search your heart....

>>think deeply, 
>>truly ponder upon it...

and ask yourself WHY?

Why do i want to become THIS woman?

Ask yourself WHY 5 times in a row....
So, let me give an example:

I WROTE: I want to 'Develop a BIG HEART.'
So....mine will look like this........

WHY: Because i have lost people at the expense of a heart that is not big enough to fully love others

WHY: Because all they needed was love and i gave judgement instead

WHY: Because i was trying to protect myself and to 'preserve' my own reputation at the expense of being used by God to plant seeds of goodness into their life.

WHY: Because if i am a woman of God, i must be able to love people with God's love, the Agape love that does not fail.

WHY: Because that is what is expected of me as woman of God and that is what qualifies me as a woman of God

WHY: Because love is the greatest of all commandments

WHY: Because even if i obey all others commandments and neglect the greatest, i would have failed.

WHY: Because God is love!!!

(I took it 8 steps deep)
See that!!!

After that type of thinking and that digging....i have just set an VALUE! A reason! A motivation! A deep understanding on the WHY (benefits) of who i want to become...
So guess what is going to happen when my 'a loved one'...does not do something i agree with and i feel like i want to create some DRAMA (largely because i'm permitting PRIDE to lead me in that moment)...i intentionally chose to have a BIG HEART and to love!


Because that is the woman i want to BECOME!!!!

I wrote it down!
Now i'm intentionally practising it!
This could be us all!


In your marriage! In your friendships! At work!

If somebody takes every single one of those words and descriptions you used in your FUTURE YOU drawing and you do this exercise,


I promise are going to come out of that exercise with so much INTENT....the devil will be in trouble!

(Take this as PART 2 of the exercise - Find the WHY, and dig deeper with other 5 WHYS - Into every point you wrote. You can do this on your prayer altar tonight! Do some self-work!)

Whose going to do this next step!!!

Lets get to work!!!!

What is going to be your ‘intention’ (for your spiritual life) for this week - embodied in one word....

Here’s an example….

“My intent for this week is embodied in this one word…”


Every time you think about your prayer life, i want this word one word you have chosen to resonate with your spirit!

Your word could be:



The beauty of 5 consistent days of intentionally embodying and being loyal to this one word in every human interaction or conversation with God in prayer…is that  

"...____________ (the effect of THAT ‘word’) compounds..."

You will find out that as you are consistent and keep stretching, you don’t remain the same person you were. You become NEW. And as the next day comes, you can be more of that word as you were...the day before!

Who is in it with me?

I'm hooting for you!!!

If you are like probably take a little more time for your own 'spiritual-self-care' and introspection on a specific set day. (If you do not - i encourage you to consider setting a day for some personal introspection in your life).

Its a great time to ask yourself questions like:

>> How am i feeling?
>> Did i invest in my relationship with God this week?
>> Am i growing?

Well, i want to help you to go through that process if it sounds foreign to you. 

I have created a sheet which you can use alongside the 3/6/9 lessons you have received so far in this course. (Depending on which day you are now at in the progression of the Hosting Heaven - ABIDE ecourse)...

What is the point?

The point for this exercise or practise is to:

-Help you sort out your thoughts
-Assist you in 'reviewing' your walk with God
-Get you becoming intentional about what needs to change
-Encourage you to commit instil some form of discipline in your journey

You can download your weekly reflections pdf HERE:

Click here>> Week 1 reflections
Click here>> Week 2 reflections
Click here>> Week 3 reflections

You can also download a combined Checklist of all the lessons we had in the ABIDE journey:

I am trusting for these tools to truly be a great blessing to you. If you want to share your testimony and story after using this PDF, do send me an email on:

I love hearing from you.

Go for it!!!

I'm hooting for you!!!

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