Thursday, June 07, 2018

Feeling overwhelmed? 

Have you had a burden you have been carrying for a while and you just no longer know how to release it over to God? Are you feeling tired, fatigued and yet you do not even know how to put the burden down from your shoulders anymore? Or even more common – have you now reached a place where you do not even know what to pray for?

I personally love to schedule my prayer points in the course of the day, as life happens, i call it 'pre-empting conversations'…

But think with me for a second can you write something down if you do not know what in particular is the REAL problem? It is likely that when we have portions in our life which keep repeating themselves in cycles - maybe just maybe - we might be dealing with surface symptoms in prayer, instead of 'root causes'.

So today, I want to introduce you to 7 Questions that i am hopeful will help you as you get ready to create/schedule prayer points :

Before you pray....

1     1Track your mood through out the day.
2How did you feel at certain hours?
3 What was the environment like during each time period? (Place)
4Who was around? (Person)
5 What were the circumstances? (Scenario)
6How did you react to the situation? (Response)
7 Is it a person, place, or thing that’s causing your stress?

You may be surprised by what you uncover through tracking this information. 

When we do not navigate around our spiritual lives without a high sense of ‘thought’, ‘discernment’ and intentionality, we are constantly found replicating mistakes which we should have identified and given focus on the prayer altar.

I’m trusting God to give you wisdom to navigate certain issues you might be going through in this season. May you use it as a good opportunity to know yourself better while casting your cares to God.


"...Dear God, grant me wisdom to identify and pray for roots in every problem i bring to you in prayer. May the eyes of my spirit be open, in Jesus name - AMEN."

With Love


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