30 Questions For Christian Journaling

Friday, April 05, 2019

30 Questions For Christian Journaling:

  1. What is my most recent testimony?
  2. What lessons did I learn in my Christian journey this month?
  3. What is currently going right in my Christian walk?
  4. What is going wrong in my Christian walk?
  5. When last did I experience joy in my salvation walk?
  6. What are my priorities in my spiritual walk right now?
  7. What habits do I need to get rid of in my walk?
  8. Some habits I could fit into my walk to make it better.
  9. If my life could be used to preach one message, what would it be?
  10. Given I had all the time in the world, what would I do for God now?
  11. What are my God given gifts and talents?
  12. What value do I bring to the Kingdom?
  13. How does a fulfilling morning spent with God look like to me?
  14. How does a fulfilling evening spent seeking God look like to me?
  15. What excuses have I been making about prayer?
  16. What Christian conference would I like to attend this year?
  17. What was the last word God gave me for my life?
  18. Last time I felt the presence of God in my life.
  19. An area I am working on becoming better at.
  20. A spiritual fruit I have grown-in.
  21. If Jesus stood in front of me today, what 5 questions would I ask him?
  22. What is something I have always wanted to do for God but have been afraid to?
  23. What areas in my life have caused me pain? Have I healed?
  24. Things I can do to take better care of myself in my Christian walk.
  25. Which character in the bible is my greatest inspiration?
  26. Which character in the bible do I relate the most to?
  27. In hindsight, if I could give myself advice the day I stood on the altar to receive Christ as Lord, what would I tell myself?
  28. My purpose can be best described with this one sentence.
  29. Who else is benefiting from my existence on this earth, apart from my job, family?
  30. What legacy would I like to live for the kingdom?

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