How To Not Be Too Tired For Prayer

Monday, July 23, 2018

Simple things to do so as to come to the prayer place refreshed:

  1. Let God help you carry the burden of the day by involving him in every task you do
  2. Pray for grace to pray later on in the evening - during the course of the day
  3. Listen to a sermon and keep your spirit alive and inspired.
  4. Worship music will keep you yearning for more of God till the time of prayer.
  5. Take a good shower before prayer
  6. Have some good coffee at your prayer place as you settle down
  7. Taking care of your physical health through working out can also help your concentration span and energy levels during prayer
  8. Do your bible study before prayer as it revives the spirit
  9. Have a prayer partner (Aaron and Moses)
  10. Join in on corporate prayer so that you can share in one another’s strength (church/ prayer buddies)

Additional Resources:

Hosting Heaven Sleepover Kit - You can also download our ‘Hosting Heaven Sleepover Kit’ and have an amazing evening with friends using it to direct the night.

Click here to download

10  Areas Worth Praying For – You can also download our sheet which identifies 10 compartments your life that are always needing prayer on a daily basis, to help you kick start your prayer life.

Click here to download

27 Questions of Christian Journaling – You can also download our 27 Questions which you can use to get more in touch with different areas of your Christian walk. This is a great idea for some journaling on your ‘Hosting Heaven’ place.

Download here

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