How To Pray With A Busy Schedule

Monday, July 23, 2018


“…My biggest challenge/ problem is that I just get so busy. I'm so tired at the end of the day that I don't really get time for prayer and study. My prayer and study time isn't as consistent as a result. My question then is - how do I effectively create time for prayer and study in a busy schedule…”


An important correlation to always remember:

NB: The quality of your prayer life is directly connected to how much of the word of God you read and you have inside of you. ‘Bible study’ gives you inner strength to pursue God! It is the fuel you need to seek after God. It is then, so important to make time for the word by studying it - if you want to have a rich prayer life.

Now Let’s tackle the question in PHASES:


  • Did you invest time with God to draw enough strength from him for the day?
  • Have you set the right emotional and spiritual tone for you to ‘last’ through your busy schedule or you are about to engage in a day drawing from a dry well?


  • Are you getting God involved in your daily tasks? This helps you to stay refreshed and rejuvenated no matter how tough your schedule is. It also helps strengthen the bond of intimacy.
  • Do you pray to God and ask him for the grace to connect with him later on in the afternoon?
  • Are you creating an atmosphere of constant worship and communication that makes it easy for you to slip back into your ‘Hosting Heaven’ place in the evening or you are completely detached?


  • How do you step into your house? Are you intentional about God ( e.g: Every time I step into my house, I say ‘Thank You Holy Spirit for a ________!’ This invites God into my space from the moment I step into it.
  • What do you do when you get into the house? Drop your bag and switch on the TV? – Learn to set the tone for prayer through things such as worship music or listening to a sermon or podcast. (even intimacy between a man and a woman does not start in the bedroom)
  • How are you using your transition time as you travel home in your car or on the bus, or train? Stop using the time to worry or gossip with friends! Play a good Christian sermon or podcast. Sing with your kids while driving them from school! It will prepare your heart for prayer.
  • You will be shocked how a good shower and some strong coffee can go a long way in reviving you for the place of prayer
  • How inviting is your prayer space ( or for those who are privileged, your ‘Room of Hosting Heaven’). Be intentional about the space you use for prayer. Let it be inspiring and inviting! Make it into a place you love going to! Invest in it!


The more you love God, the more you will be drawn towards him!

It’s like a man pursuing a woman. He will drive to her place at 11pm – coming straight from work - no matter how busy the day was – because he knows he will be refreshed after seeing her, hearing her voice and spending time with her. So…make time to check your heart’s position towards God!


I can hopefully help you with these small & short extra  ’27 Good Questions to ask yourself as a Christian’ that I have drafted for you to hopefully assist you in your journey. They will reconnect your heart towards God mentally and hopefully ‘heartwise’ aswell.

Has this been useful?

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