How To Start And Actually Finish A Bible Study

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Have you been starting a Bible Study program and not finishing it? It’s so frustrating and it really makes you feel guilty that you are nor disciplined enough to finish! And before you know it, you start staying away from even trying all together.

Here’s some ideas around that area to hopefully help you become better at it:

  1. Learn to forgive yourself
Forgive yourself for all the times you never finished at study. (true and lasting transformation has never come from a place of guilt. Let your list of last failures go!)

2. Set a new intention and ‘goal’   
      How can you score if you do not have a goal? Create a goal of when you want to finish your bible study. Then break the goal into small daily tasks (e.g – 1 chapter a day). Now that you know you have a date by which this study has to be finished, you can start working on the ‘style’ of study.
      3. Discover your best style of ‘taking in’/learning the word 

  •        Kine-static  Learner: Learn best by doing or when they are in movement (jogging/pacing back & forth)
  •        Auditory Learner: Learn best by hearing (listening to audio bible, bible topic sermons)
  •        Visual Learner : Charts / Diagrams /Maps

      If a Kine-static learner sits down to read the word, they will easily get distracted because they thrive in movement. If an auditory learner sits down to read 5 chapters of the word, they will struggle because they thrive by listening rather than reading. And if a visual learner listens to an audio bible, they will never finish a bible study because they can’t see anything!

      Apply this even in purchasing a bible. Find a bible that best suits your personality. For creatives, pick up something colourful and fun and inviting. You have no idea how much it will change and improve your bible study time. For structured people – find a solid, organised bible. It will be a blessing to you. 

      4.  Use the help of audio bible apps

      Some of the best ways to take in the word of God is through playing an audio bible instead, if you are more of a hearer than you are a reader. You can do this in your car on your way to work. Or during lunch at school. Then you can always use the physical bible to re-affirm some of the scriptures later on.

      5. Topics relevant to your season

      When you study the bible topics in whose season you currently are in, you certainly are more inspired, stirred and stimulated to keep digging and searching until you get your break through. Find ways to make sure your bible study has some alignment to a place and space you currently are in. Then it’s easier to finish the study.

      6. Study Buddie

      Find another hungry sister in Christ and commit to keep each other accountable.

      7. A system You thrive in

Create a structure and studying system in which you go through scriptures - that best works for you. Never feel obligated to follow a way of consuming the word of God that is not serving you. If you find a way that you flourish in, use it! Self-awareness in studying God’s word is important. It will help you become more comfortable in the task.

8. Don’t break the chain sheet

A fellow youtuber called Karen Kavit created this small sheet called the ‘don’t break the chain sheet’. You can download it here and print it, and use it to mark off the days you would have set for a specific bible study! And remember, don’t break the chain!

Has this been helpful? Let me know in the comments below!



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