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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Today is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. I wake up with new excitement for my life and I am deeply grateful for another chance to exist in the land of the living. This morning I declare that I am whole, I am enough, I am full and I am capable.

I accept myself just as I am, I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. I chose to love myself first before I expect to receive love from others. I step out into the world with boldness and confidence for the Lord is my strength and shield, in him I make my boast. He is my present help in times of need and he lights up my path that I may not fall.

I am secure and I am ready for the day.

As Rebekah unknowingly went to the well one day, not knowing she would encounter her destiny, I will meet with my helpers and I will become more the person I need to be to receive my Godly inheritance. I will not miss any opportunities the Lord has set for me. I will receive my daily bread and provision naturally, effortlessly and with ease. All i need will gravitate towards me.

Like Samson, i will find honey in the carcass of a lion. Unlikely places will avail opportunities to support me. Everything around me is conspiring in supporting me to becoming all that God has called me to be. This day is ready for me and I ready for this day. The odds are in my favour and all things are working together for my good. I walk by faith and not by sight, so I am persuaded that God is for me, even when it does not look like it.

The Lord has plans to prosper me and not to harm me. I am covered from behind and before me. My steps are ordered of the Lord, I am forever aligned and insync with destiny. I am not late neither am I delayed, the Lord holds my times in his hands. All the purposes of the Lord concerning my life are prevailing.

I go forth courageously into the world and like salt, I flavour the earth. I walk in silent influence, daily changing cultures to serve the Lord. I am city on a hill, I cannot be hidden. I am set up on high ground and the Lord uses me daily in small ways and big ways. I am conscious of this and I am deeply grateful.

I do not walk alone, I have a helper therefore I cannot be burdened. I cast my cares upon him for he cares for me and I take up his yoke which is easy. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and my journey is filled with shouts of victory for I carry the mind of Christ.

I make Christ-like decisions and my life is filled with wonder. My success is inevitable even in the most unseeming times, I walk out of the doors of my house into endless possibilities and uncommon favour. I am healthy, strong and sharp. I lack nothing for the day and all I still need is finding its way to me.

I am strong, capable and of good courage, I am made to thrive. I lean on God therefore I cannot fail. I choose joy daily and my mornings are filled with peace, gratitude and thanksgiving. I am enough and i have enough love to pass around to those I stay with. I am a ray of light and hope to those who are heavy laiden. I serve without grudges and everyone I meet shall be blessed today.

I am blessed this morning, I have all that I need. The sun shall provide for me warmth and light. The wind shall provide for me air and coolness. The birds shall provide for me singing , the trees shade and the earth, my daily portion. I am blessed beyond a curse, above the issues of life, beneath the enemies rador. I prosper in all that I do and I am fortified in the word of God. I THRIVE!

God will keep me in perfect peace today. I am loved and fully accepted. I draw from him for this day and I have enough and all I need. I therefore make good choices and my day will be filled and led with wisdom.

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