May - Favorites, Highlights & Lessons (Books,Songs,Events&Places)

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Today i share with you my month of May favorite events, lessons, places, books and so much more. I am hoping that though this video, you are also inspired to look around your own life and identify some of the small things that are giving you great joy & that when you have found them - you make a choice to do more of these things, for a fuller, happier and rich life.

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In This Video We Explore My: 

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  • 6:18 - Favorite Lesson : "Choose Yourself Once A Day"
  • 7:43 - Favorite Event: Night Of Bliss by RCI >> Click Here
  • 9:09 - Favorite Song: "Whole Heart" >> Click here to Listen

Quote :

So comment below, what was your favorite lesson from the month of may? I love reading your comments and lets meet down below.

Cheers to a new month filled with opportunities, lessons & more good coffee!!!

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