Affirmations | For Spiritual Endurance

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

I declare and decree that there is a supernatural spirit of endurance.
That has been placed over my life. 
I declare and decree that God has anointed me with an oil for endurance. 
I endure every season for the glory of God. 

I declare and decree that I am anointed in my inner man to accomplish 
God's divine destiny over my life!
I am fortified from within strong and capable! 

I am unmoved by the winds of life! 
The Lord is my anchor and I'm not tossed to and fro! 
I stand on solid ground! 
I endure hardship with joy. 

For happiness is connected to happenings but joy is birthed from the spirit. 
I declare and declare that the Spirit of God supernaturally
births out a spirit of endurance inside of me on a daily basis! 
I do not grow tired! 
I do not grow weary! 
I laugh in the face of adversity! 
For the Lord is on my side always - without fail! 

I carry resistance and forbearance! 
I am strong in the power of God!
I am unmoved from the promises of God concerning my life and destiny. 
I recover from all trials and tribulations with ease! 
God has anointed me and anoints me daily with an ability
to heal and to be restored.

For by His stripes I am healed and he has sent His Word to heal me! 
I declare that i am healed. 
I declare that i am refined. 
I declare that I am rejuvenated. 
I declare that I'm fortified and strong. 
I declare that the Word of God comes into my circumstances and does a great job. 
It never returns to him void, but it accomplishes that
which it has been assigned to accomplish.

I am enduring in my body.
I am a enduring emotionally. 
I am enduring mentally.
I endure in all circumstances. 
I have an
enduring spirit. 
I'm a runner. 
I am a winner by nature.

I understand that resilience is built through challenges, therefore i am enduring. 
I am a builder!
I have a testimony because I have accepted testing! 
I have a message because I have been open to God trusting me with the 'mess'!  
I am victorious because i endure seasons for which i was a victim.
I thrive and flourish through adversity!

The Word of God says - "If i endure with him - I reign with him!
As David endured in his seasons in the wilderness, so will I.
As Christ endured in seasons of persecution,
so will I, in seasons that are mine.

I have a crowd of great witnesses that have walked this path before and
I follow in their footsteps. 
I persevere so that when I have done the will of the Lord I receive my promises. 
He that has promised me his faithfulness and true. 
Has he not said it,  will he not do it? 
I consider it pure joy when I go through trials and tribulations. 
For the testing of my faith produces ENDURANCE.

And when I have endured, I will be matured, complete, lacking nothing.
I am strengthened in power according to God's glorious might.
There is nothing that I am going through now that is too hard for me to handle.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. 
My eyes are fixated on Jesus Christ, who willingly endured the cross. 
And whose name has now been exalted above every other name. 
That at the mention of the name of Jesus, 
every knee bows & every tounge confesses him to be Lord and God over all.

And so today, i standing in boldness.
Stand in faith, stand in confidence that
God has placed upon me the exact same spirit! 
I have the spirit of ENDURANCE!
In Jesus Mighty Name. AMEN!

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