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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

I am NOT my past experiences.

I am what the God of new beginning says I am.

I am enough.

I am brilliant.

I am beautiful.

All is well with me and I am proud of my journey so far.

I have no regrets because every one of life's detours led me here.

I am able and I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

I am Gods before I am anyone elses and in God I am fully accepted.

My value does not come from trends or society's definitions.

My worth is in God.

I am important.

My message is important.

My voice is needed.

I am a royal priesthood.

A peculiar nation, called for such a time as this.

I refuse for my voice to be muzzled.

No one can determine my worth but God.

To the right people I am enough.

I am more than what i can do for others.

I am worthy of love,unconditional love.

My full confidence is in God.

I forgive myself of my past experiences because i am already forgiven in God.

My worth is not attached to my past failures.

I have an opportunity to start afresh.

I feel confident about the future.

I speak and it is so.

I am expanding my belief of what is possible.

I am loved.

I am called.

I am enough.

I cannot be purchased my price is worth far more than rubies.

I place a high value on my life.

My price cannot be quantified.

In God I am worthy.


I am a priority from all the places

where I have given my power without reciprocation.

I give it as seed for I know God will give me people who will give me that value back.


I am in relationships where I am not tolerated but celebrated.

I am a magnet for secure self affirmed confident people

who do not need me to be less of myself for them to thrive.

I am surrounded by healthy and healed people.

I am surrounded by quality companion.

I quieten the voice within me that is afraid.

I choose to listen to God's VOICE gently whispering words of worth to me!

I am led and my steps are ordered of God.

I have courage to leave the table if respect is no longer served.


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