15 Minute Guided BIBLE STUDY Meditation | MARTHA

Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Take a moment to look for a comfortable posture.

Focus on your breathing.

Today's character of choice is Martha.

Mother was sister to Mary and Lazarus

Scripture tells us that when Jesus came

to visit their home.

Mother found herself caught up in the

business of the preparations.

She was a perfectionist of sorts

trying to make sure that everything was in place.

I like to think of Martha as someone whose love language was 'acts of service'.

Mary on the other hand wanted to spend

time at Jesus feet. Have you ever found yourself so busy doing God's work

and yet not finding time to spend with him.

Today's guided meditation is for someone

like you. So take a deep breath in - take a deep breath out.

( It can be with your mind or with your mouth).

I let go of any distractions

standing in my way from seeing the best of Jesus.

I forgive myself for being disconnected.

I let go of any distractions standing in the way of me seeing the best of Jesus.

I let go of any distractions standing in my way from seeing the best of Jesus.

I forgive myself for being disconnected.

I choose to release the unhealthy connection that i have created

between my work and my worth.

I am enough not because of what i do but who i am.

Take a deep breath in exhale.

Say it with me:

God loved me before i could perform.

I am unconditionally irrevocably loved.

I am not validated by performance.

Imagine God looked down at you from heaven and smiling he

said "well done good and faithful servant"

not because of what you do but because of who he has created you to be.

It is not the doing that God is looking for it is the being.

Martha thought that because she was running around trying to make sure

That everything was in place that Mary had to do the same.

She thought her way of loving Jesus

should be everyone else's way of showing love to Jesus.

But Jesus was quick to correct her,

he said you worry about so many things but only one is needed.

Mary on the other hand has chosen that thing

and it shall not be taken away from her.

So say this with me: 

I let go of judgment I have towards others and their personal journeys with God.

I release any insecurities i have about myself which i project to others through judgment.

I give those around me permission to enjoy their own journey with God.

I have a healthy relationship with rest and work.

Right in this moment i want you to think of your schedule

think of your daily routine think of those areas that cause you to be busy.

What is your motivation?

The lord wants us to be fruitful and the lord also tells us that for us

to be fruitful we have to be connected to the vine.

And when we ask ourselves the important question

of what our motivation is in many cases we realize

that our motivation is mal-aligned.

So say this with me:

I divorce myself from any distractions.

i can break away from responsibility without feeling guilty.

I am not unhealthily attached to my work.

I can be still without feeling as though i do not have any value.

Now take a moment to enjoy this moment of stillness.

You chose to be here.

You chose to live the busyness of the day.

Just to be still in God's presence.

Well done for slowing down.

Say it with me:

I respect rest and know i need it.

I am kind to others when they need rest.

I understand others when they need rest.

I major on major things and minor on minor things.

breathe in

now breathe out.

Say it with me:

I am able to rest in God's presence.

I am in tune with the needs of those around me and respect them.

I give others the gift of freedom in their own journey.

I am a balance of being and doing - receiving and giving – stillness and action.

i have the wisdom to know when which of these is important.

It's very easy to be judgmental when you love the same thing

but you love it differently from the person next to you.

While you observe them it might feel as though they don't love it enough

but in this moment we are learning to be respectful

of how others express their love towards God.

So say it with me:

I respect and appreciate the power of rest and stillness.

I allow myself to sit down and glean from good counsel.

I acknowledge that in different situations

not all of us will play the same role.

Bring your attention to some of the people whose relationship

with Jesus you have judged in this moment.

Afford them the gift of understanding.

Let go! Now breathe in

and breathe out.

I am able to relax my body and quieten my mind.

I serve Jesus without complaining.

I cheerfully offer my gifts to God without complaining.

I am secure with myself and what value

i give in the kingdom.

I am secure in my relationship with Christ and it can never be threatened.

now breathe in

and breathe out

I am proud of the unique

beauty i have in my relationship with Jesus.

Now take a few moments to think about

Three of the most important priorities of your day.

Mentally list them according

to their importance.

Refuse to get them mixed up in the busyness and rush of the day today.

Remember: " let minor things be minor and major things be major."

but never mix the two.

Always know what's of priority and what is important.

Only one thing is needful.

And as we close let virtue come out of you.

As you go about the day being an ambassador of the kingdom.

See you on the next one.


using these guided meditations alongside

personal bible study of these women of the word

will anchor you and ground you in

virtues and the godly character that

these women of the word possessed hope you enjoyed today's

guided meditation.

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