15 Minute Guided BIBLE STUDY Meditation | SARAH

Sunday, August 23, 2020


As we begin today's guided meditation,

soften your closed eyelids.


Release the tension on your shoulders.

Take a deep full and rich breath in...

breathe out...

Today's bible character of choice is Sarai (Sarah).

Sarah was Abraham's wife.

She then became Mother to Isaac.

For a very long time Abraham and Sarah had no children.

They had trusted God, prayed to God faithfully. 

Served God and yet still they had no child.

I can imagine the absence of a child in

a home, bringing a lot of pressure on the couple.

Do you have something in your own

personal life that you have been trusting God for and are still waiting?

Have you been praying about something?

Today's guided meditation will be useful for you.

So as we begin,

say this with me, with your mouth or in your mind....

I believe God for all he has promised me.

I understand that delay is not denial.

Though what i have been praying for tarries,  yet i will trust and wait on God.

I do not permit my limitations to stop me from serving God.

Sarai and Abraham had an opportunity to stop trusting God.

They could have said to themselves "if he cannot provide a child for us,

then there is no need for us to serve or worship him."

And yet this couple understood that we

do not serve God because of what he can do but for who HE IS.

In whatever you are going through,

trust God for who he is and not for what he can do.

In this moment relax your body.

Permit yourself to be fully aware that you serve a great powerful God.

Say this with me:

I am irrevocably and unconditionally

Loved by God.

I am discerning of God's hand and his visitation.

I never waste a God moment.

I am hospitable even to strangers.

I know God has not forgotten me.

The powerful point of Sarah and

Abraham's story is that they discerned a God-Moment.

They discerned when God visited their home.

May you two be able to discern a God moments in your own life.

Had they not discerned a God moment, they would not have been

able to have conversations with the angels.

Say this with me:

I am beautiful inside out.

I am a woman of destiny.

Many nations shall come from my belly.

God's hand of favor and protection is over my life.

The bible says that though Sarah was old she was a very beautiful woman.

Scripture tells us of a story when Sarah

and her husband had to pass by a certain place and even the king envied Sarah.

These are the benefits of serving God. 

In honoring God with your life, your youth is renewed like that of an eagle.

Of all the moisturizers and skin care

that you can put on your face, honoring God, loving God

and hosting heaven are the best remedy for a youthful look.

Even delay could not stop Isaac from coming when the time was right.

Say this with me:

My union to my husband or future husband is a destiny connection.

My marriage shall honor serve and please God.

Through all hardship i remain true

and loyal to my covenant.

I honor my partner and God smiles at me.

Though Abraham and Sarah had gone

through the pain of waiting year after year for Isaac, they remained together. 

Allow yourself in this moment

to receive this grace to wait for God's promises over your life.

Say this with me:

God has not forgotten me.

What is difficult for me is not difficult for God.

I am strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.

God is my fortress my rock. In him i cannot be moved.

Take this moment to renew your trust in God.

Say to yourself:

My God is able.

Surely God can be trusted as he proved

himself trustworthy in Sarah's life...

he will prove himself trustworthy in yours too.

Say this with me:

I will not compromise.

I will not be moved from God's promises over my life.

I will not grow tired or weary.

The will of the Lord shall prevail in my life.

As you continue to read the story of Sarah, 

you realize that there came a point in

time when Sarah was tired

tired of waiting... tired of trusting tired of hoping. 

Have you ever been through these situations before?

When you were so tired you were tempted to compromise.

Sarah connived with her husband

and convinced Abraham to take Haggai her maidservant to bed her,

so they could have a son through her.

But this was not God's promise.

There are times in our own personal

Journeys when we want to use the arm of our flesh

to work out the promise that God gave to us.

If you are in that situation take this as a word.

That God is faithful and you need not help him.

To fulfill what he has spoken over your life.

breathe in .....

breathe out...

Say this with me:

I am a mother of many nations.

I am a woman of great faith.

The Lord will remember me.

I expect to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

I will not die young.

I am loved.

Take a moment of stillness and allow God's love to embrace you.

Right in this moment of silence,

Permit God's love to shower you.

Let it take away any doubt.

Let it take away any feelings of inadequacy.

Let God's love reassure you of the

promises that he has spoken over your life.

He that is faithful promised you.

Has he not said it and will he not do it.

Say this with me:

I believe God.

The promises of God concerning my life are yes and AMEN.

I superimpose the spirit of Faith over every spirit of doubt.

I divorce myself from all self-sabotaging thoughts.

Now breathe in...

and breathe out...

Let this moment of stillness and calm in

the presence of God reassure you in every place in your life

where you have been feeling shaky.

Your God is a rock and you are grounded on solid ground.

Say this with me:

I align myself to the Word of God.

I meditate on his promises day and night.

I conceive the promises of God over my life.

I carry full term.

What i carry is called blessed.

Generations shall come out of my bosom.

As we know from scripture, Sarah then gave birth to Isaac,

who is part of the genealogy of our Lord Jesus.

Isn't it beautiful that when we wait on God,

he fulfils every single word spoken over our lives. 

He that promised us truly is faithful.

What is impossible with us is possible with God.

Scripture says: "can anything be too hard for the Lord?

Certainly not.

Now go out and embody these beautiful and powerful virtues.

Today let Sarah's story remind you and encourage you, 

that nothing is too hard for the Lord.

Let this story remind you that God is

capable of fulfilling his promises over our lives.

Thank you for joining us for today's meditation.

Using these guided meditations alongside

personal bible study of these women of

the word will anchor you and ground you in virtues

and the godly character that these women of the word possessed. 

Hope you enjoyed today's guided meditation.

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