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Monday, August 24, 2020


Welcome to your daily guided meditation.

We have been using biblical characters

of women we look up to in the word of God.

Today as we begin,

close your eyes and get comfortable.

Gift yourself this moment.

Today's character of choice is Naomi.

This character is found in the book of Ruth.

Naomi moved to Bethlehem in search for greener pastures

after Moab had been infested with the famine.

As she moved to another location,

she gave birth to two sons.

These two sons married wives for themselves.

After many years Naomi's husband

passed on. As if that were not enough,

tragedy had to return again. Her sons died.

Place your hand over your heart.

Take a deep breath in,

and take a deep breath out.

Have you also experienced loss of some sort.

Have you experienced the pain of grief?

Today's guided meditation has you in mind.

Say this with me:

I have what it takes to walk through any loss.

My thoughts in my season of grief

lead me only in the direction of healing.

My grief matters and is valid.

I give myself permission to feel the pain -

but i feel it in hope.

I am kind to myself as i go through my healing journey.

Allow yourself to feel this kindness you are giving yourself

for a moment.

Let go of any self-judgment in the season of loss.

Let go of any negative self-talking in this season of loss.

Let go of feeling the need to silence the pain.

Allow God to be your greatest comfort.

Repeat it with me:

(either in your mind or with your words)

I release myself from any guilt i feel

for the decisions which led me to this place of loss.

Naomi had been a part of the decision making

that had led them to move locations.

I can only but imagine the pain

and the discomfort and the regret

that she must have felt, when she not

only lost her husband but she lost her sons.

She lost everyone that she came with.

Have you been feeling any sense of guilt, any sense of loss,

for certain decisions that you have made?

Repeat it with me:

All things are working together for my good.

I let go of any guilt.

I let go of any regrets.

I am where i need to be.

Now take a deep breath in...

and exhale.

Say it with me:

I am healing under god's precious watch.

God sent his word to heal me.

The Lord will patch up all my broken places.

My tears will certainly be wiped away in time.

My future still holds purpose.

My life still carries destiny.

Notice that new hope and faith start to bubble

in your heart.

Give yourself permission to let that faith in God.

Begin to rise again.

I am surrounded and supported by loyal companionships.

I have a healthy relationship with receiving help

from those around me.

I allow people to support me.

I don't have to suffer alone.

I allow people to carry me when i am weak.

It must have felt incredibly difficult for Naomi

to receive help from Ruth.

We see this by the way she tried to push

both of them away.

She knew she no longer had anything to give them.

Have you ever been in this place before?

Where you felt like you no longer had anything to give

to anyone.

God is always faithful to send a Ruth.

Friends /relatives/ partners that stick

closer to us than brothers.

Repeat it with me:

I have wisdom needed to know when a location no longer

serves me.

I can move with ease.

My grief and pain does not stop me from

investing in other people's futures.

Feel your body right now relaxing and

releasing the pain and the disappointment

connected to your loss.

Allow God to heal you.

Say it with me:

I am able to share my wisdom for the benefit of others.

I am full of strategy and Godly wisdom.

I am a Queen Maker.

I facilitate the success of others around me.

I know my life still has value.

I am a destiny connector.

Notice yourself becoming aware of how

much value you have to offer. 

Even right now in the midst of your pain, your loss

you are still valuable.

You are still needed here.

So declare this with me:

I will see the salvation of the Lord.

I will sing and worship in the midst of my pain.

There is still a bright future ahead of me.

There is still laughter and joy ahead of me.

My story does not end here.

I am able to reinvent myself when all I know

is taken away from me.

I am open to change.

I permit God to continue writing my story.

There are so many hats that Naomi held in her life.

She was a wife then she became a mother.

Then she became a Mother-in-Law

and when the time came when naomi was a widow

she became one of the greatest most

powerful queen makers in the bible - connecting Ruth to Boaz

and connecting Ruth to the genealogy and

the lineage of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Naomi was a very important piece of the puzzle.

Even in the times when she was suffering great pain and grief,

Naomi was still useful in God's hands.

So repeat it with me:

I am not defined by my grief.

I am refined by my grief.

I refuse for my name to change because

of what i have been through.

I am made with the stuff that does not break.

I have reservoirs of strength i do not even know of

which i am tapping into in this season.

Now breathe in.....

and breathe out.

Now sit in that last statement and soak

it in....

Repeat it again...

I have reservoirs of strength i do not even

know of, which i am tapping into in this season.

There is reservoirs of grace...Reservoirs of strain...

Reserves of courage. Reservoirs of boldness, that God

has prepared for you in this season.

Everything that fell upon you was well calculated.

And God knew you had everything

it would take to survive this moment.

Say it with me:

I am committed to my journey.

The Lord neither leaves nor forsakes me.

The Lord will patch up all my broken places.

I release myself into God's process.

Now move your arms in a way that feels good to you....

You can open your eyes.

Smile and get encouraged as you step into this day.

Remember just like Naomi,

you have divine strength to start afresh in any season.

See you in the next video.

Using these guided meditations alongside

personal bible study of these women of the word,

will anchor you and ground you in

virtues and the Godly character that these women of the word possessed. 

Hope you enjoyed today's guided meditation.

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