15 Minute Guided BIBLE STUDY Meditation | MARY MOTHER OF JESUS

Friday, August 28, 2020


As we're beginning today's guided meditation,

I want to encourage you to close your eyes.

Focus on your breathing.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Bring your attention to this present moment.

Today we get an opportunity to look through scripture

and focus on Mary the Mother of Jesus.

In this guided meditation, i will be taking you through her story in the form of affirmations.

Let us remind ourselves of the virtues that Mary the Mother of Jesus possessed

and let us remind ourselves that these virtues are also available

for us in our daily lives.

So envision Mary,

a young woman be thrown and promised in marriage to Joseph.

She has her life planned out until heaven decides to invade her story.

Everything changes from that moment.

Have you ever had plans for your own life

and God decided to invade your story.

Take yourself back to that time and remember what it must have felt like for Mary.

So let us begin our affirmations.

Say it with me:

I am blessed among many women.

I am set apart.

I am chosen.

I am equipped for my journey.

Like Mary, i am full of God's grace.

I am never too young to be used by God.

I encounter visitations from heaven frequently and with ease.

The Lord knows my ears are open to his voice.

Heaven always has a word for me.

I am highly favored among women all generations will call me blessed.

God is with me.

I am a history maker.

Now in this moment place yourself in Mary's shoes:

Young, inexperienced, unqualified...

But God chose her.

God placed a special mark on her for our God loves to use the foolish

things of this world to confound the wise.

He takes pleasure and great delight in using people like you and me.

So in this moment take great courage knowing that God knew you

for the assignment he has over your life.

So say this with me:

I have what it takes to carry my assignment.

I am a ready vessel for God's use.

I am attentive to God's voice.

I hear God's voice with ease.

I am capable of partnering up with God for his will to be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

Now breathe in...

breathe out...

Release that tension and that pressure that burden you have been feeling

when you thought you had to accomplish God's assignment on your own.

Mary says: "How shall i know if this is so for i am a virgin."

There's certain areas about your journey that God himself will perform for you.

He will make the impossible possible.

He will open up the red seas.

He will make a way where there seems to be no way.

He will create a bridge for you to cross over.

Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord in your assignment.

Say this with me:

Something great has been deposited inside of me.

What is in me will change nations.

I carry a solution for today's world problems.

The power of the holy spirit is upon me.

Feel the power of God flowing from the top of your head to the

souls of your feet.

Permit yourself in this moment to become aware of God's manifest presence

right there with you in that room.

Say this with me:

The power of the Most High overshadows me.

What is in me is not of the flesh but born of the spirit.

I carry purpose.

I carry assignment.

I am capable.

I am competent and capacitated to carry God's assignment.

Breathe in....

Breathe out...

Receive the boldness that you have been so dearly needing

and the courage that you have been so dearly desiring

to do the will of the Lord concerning your life.

Remind yourself of this...

I am divinely supported.

I am always ready to learn.

I am humble at heart.

God has placed people around me who will accept and support what i carry.

I gravitate towards people who are receptive of what i carry.

Those that are for me will never leave me.

What is mine will be mine.

Envision Mary, after receiving a word from the angels.

She must have been afraid that joseph would leave her.

But heaven was so strategic in making sure that the people that were

supposed to work with her on a journey we're not going to leave her.

She needed a partner for the assignment,

and so God sent his angels to speak to Joseph.

Let this be a reminder to you that those

that are for you will never leave you and those that left you were never for you.

Think of those people that have left in this moment.

Every name of people that have left you.

Allow yourself to be grateful for the purging that took place....

Now let go.....

Say this with me:

I am surrounded by people who educate, equip, and encourage me for my journey.

I have quality companionship and mentorship.

My Elizabeth's gravitate towards me.

I have loyal helpful and secure mentors.

They celebrate my greatness and I celebrate theirs.

I have divinely orchestrated company for my journey.

Mary had her Elizabeth.

In this moment bring your attention to the names of the people that God

has specifically sent you in your own assignment.

It could be a mentor, a friend,

a sponsor, a partner, a supporter and encourager.

Say them out loud in this moment if you can.

Now take this moment to be grateful for those people.

They are rare and they are special.

People who believe in the greatness of what you carry.

Before it manifests and before it is even grown.

Say this with me:

I am convicted that with God nothing is impossible.

I take God at his word.

Like Mary, i stand and watch the Lord at work in my life.

I am a yielded vessel in God's hands.

I yield all my anxieties and fears as I step into my destiny.

Right in this moment, give yourself permission to release

any anxieties that you have been carrying.

With regards to your destiny, any fears any insecurities

let them go...

Release them.

Allow yourself to be set free to run without any hindrances.

Say this with me:

I am ready to pay the price for my assignment.

I am concerned about God's opinion of me

and not the opinion of my communities.

I am misunderstood by some but never misunderstood by God.

I am vindicated by God.

He speaks on my behalf in places where I am mentioned.

I am willing to give up my reputation for God to get the glory.

Envision Mary a young woman pregnant out of wedlock.

Envision her life, how it changed in the eyes of society.

And yet still Mary said 'Yes' to God she said yes to being useful as a vessel

in God's hands.

Remember, in the corridors of purpose you will be misunderstood.

There are things that will take place that people will not be able to understand.

But take heart, for God will get the glory out of your story.

Say this with me:

I have wisdom to move to different environments where what

is inside of me will be recognized, appreciated, valued and nourished.

I have divine discernment and the baby within me jumps when i meet

those assigned to my journey.

I always gravitate towards my Elizabeths, women filled with the Holy Spirit,

discernment and place value on that which is inside of me.

Take this moment to say a little prayer for your Elizabeth.

Now say this with me:

Blessed is what i carry.

I am a career of world solutions.

I birth out world-changing ideas and concepts.

I am blessed for i believed the Lord's promises over my life.

I carry a spirit that is able to incubate every word spoken over my life.

I fight for nurture and protect what God has entrusted me with.

I am capable of giving birth to what God spoke over my life.

In this moment, truly authentically and genuinely allow

yourself to believe you are who God says you are.

As we finish,

Say this with me:

The Lord's covering is upon my assignment.

I shall leave to see what i carry fulfill God's purpose here on this earth.

Well done for showing up for today's guided meditation.

Now gently bring your attention back to you.

Notice your body sitting on the ground supported by the earth.

May that always remind you that you are supported by God,

our Father creator of the universe.

Take a moment to pray in your own words and when you are done feel free to go

out into the world and breathe out world solutions...

See you in my next guided meditation.

Using these guided meditations alongside

personal bible study of these women of the word will anchor you and ground you in

virtues and the godly character that these women of the word possessed.

Hope you enjoyed today's

guided meditation.

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