15 Minute Guided BIBLE STUDY Meditation | Esther

Thursday, August 27, 2020


Let's start today's guided meditation with gratitude.


Be grateful for showing up and making time for your personal development.

Roll your shoulders gently as we begin making sure that you are slowly relaxing.


Relax your body.


Feel your body safely supported by the ground you are sitting on.

Today's bible character of choice is Esther.

Esther was raised an orphan and found herself sitting on the throne as a Queen.


God chose her and positioned her in the corridors of power so she could

Stand and fight for his people.

Start thinking about the place where God has strategically positioned you in this season.


What is that place which you can call your own personal throne.

Is it an industry, in ministry, as a community leader?


This guided meditation is for you


breathe in....



Say it with me:

(in your mind or with your mouth)


I am a queen in the waiting.

My past does not define me.

God has plans to prosper me.

My future is brighter than my past.


Take a deep breath in...



I am entering into spaces i never thought i could.

Doors are opening up high and wide as i come.

God has a plan for my life.

I am favored and highly blessed.


Take a deep breath in...



Begin to imagine how Esther might have felt

when her parents passed on at a very young age.

She could have thought to herself that her life had ended.


She could have thought to herself that no good would come out of her life.

And yet still God had many great plans for her life,

Plans to prosper her and not to harm her.

I often think what would have become of Esther had Mordechai not taken her in

and raised her as his own.


Would she have found someone that would align her to the palace.

There are things that happen in life that we

sometimes have no immediate understanding of.


But as days and years progress God begins to unravel his plan for our life.

So whatever you are going through, remember

all things are working together for your good.


So take a deep breath in....



Say this with me:


The Lord is on my side.

I am supported.

God is with me.

I am a reigning queen in waiting.


Take a deep breath in...



I am called to serve my community and God's people.

I am full of courage and brave.

I am tactful and full of God's strategy.

I am unique and my uniqueness always opens doors for me.


Now take a deep breath in...



My past made me ready for my future.

My pain had purpose.

My life has great meaning.

All i have been through equipped me for

God's call for my life.


Take a deep breath in...



I am not afraid to raise my voice.

What i have to say matters.

I am a voice for the voiceless.

God trusts me with rooms and opportunities because i am a woman of courage.


I can speak for others - for God has anointed me to do so.


Take a deep breath in...



I recognize the platforms God has trusted me with.

I am trusted with much therefore much is required.

I do not despise myself because of my youth.

Where i am fearful, the Lord will give me words to say.



Now take a deep breath in...



My words are seasoned with oil.

My voice, my opinions, my ideas carry the weight of my callings oil.

I am heavenly defended and backed up by God.

My voice is respected in my area of assignment.


Grace and favor follow my voice.

I am influential.

I am called to carry nations.


Take a deep breath in...



I am a woman of prayer.

I only move by prayer.

I am helped by prayer.

I am helped by God.

I outlast and outlive all my challenges.


Take a deep breath in...



I am well mentored and surrounded by the right support.

God has placed door openers for me to enter into the right rooms.

I am favored.

The will of the Lord concerning my life shall prevail.

As we end this guided meditation say these words with me:

I am chosen.

I am raised for such a time as this.

I am called.

I am equipped.

I am a leader.

I am a servant.

I am not afraid to raise my voice.


Take a moment to pray for the place God has currently positioned you for.

Are you using your voice to effect change.

Remember you have been raised for such a time as this.


See you in the next guided meditation.


Using these guided meditations alongside personal bible study of these women of

the word will anchor you and ground you in virtues

and the godly character that these women of the word persist.

Hope you enjoy today's guided meditation.

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