Dear Daughter : "Don't Settle"

Friday, January 29, 2016

Dear Daughter.....

One of my close guy friends once said to me;

"Mel...women have an ability to adapt and become content with any man they marry. They can settle in that situation and make it work for them because they are created with room to compromise. A man on the other hand either loves you or he tolerates you for the rest of his life. If he didn't want you in the 1st place, he will be living in a state of 'eternal disappointment', even if he chooses to stay right by you."


Point being....

Don't force yourself on a man who has made it clear with his actions that you are an option. Don't settle for a man who makes you feel like you are hard to love. There is someone out there willing to accept you as you are, and gently nudge you to stretch and grow to become who God has called you to be.

You are not un-lovable. You are not un-acceptable! Don't beg him to stay if he has expressed over and over again that he is wanting to go. Set him free. Let him move on. Jesus didn't die on the cross for you to be on your knees begging a man to 'stay with you'. That ain't CUTE! :-D

Don't put your peg too low. You were bought with a price. You are a covenant child and one day 'the God in you' will agree with 'The God in another young man'...and before you know it, you will have 2 testimonies drawing you and your future gentleman together. 

You have every right to be 'picky', the God in you demands that you have a standard.

And contrary to popular belief 'You are never late!'. Late is relative to when someone else received their 'portion', and that should never be a conventional 'standard'. Our God 'OWNS TIME!'


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