5 Step Process To Stop Being Distracted From Prayer

Saturday, July 21, 2018

I received a wonderful question which I would like to help with today!


“…I am so struggling right now with alot of things that are preventing me from living the life i want to live spiritually. I have a problem with consistency in the word, church and prayer. Is like when I am supposed to pray the devil try all sorts of things to distract me…”

Here is ways I have suggested this lady tackles the situation:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Identify Habits feeding the problem
  3. Make a personal commitment & resolve to stop those habits
  4. Invite God into the equation through Prayer
  5. Break the cycle of Distraction by building a new pattern of behaviour

Let's get into it....

1.  Identify the problem

In this case, her issue is distraction and a lack of consistency. I would then go deeper and ask her to identify what things or habits have been distracting her from the place of ‘hosting heaven’. Is it watching series? Is it social media? Is it fatigue after a long day from work?

2. Identify Habits feeding the problem

Let’s take the example problems above and identify the habits which are feeding the problem.
Social Media – The habit would be not having discipline around when to stop using the phone
Fatigue after work – The habit would be an inability to involve God throughout the day, so he helps to keep you fresh through prayer. Or the habit is just biting more than you can chew at work. Or spending too much time at work as an escape from coming home (men do this all the time).Watching Series – Once again, a lack of structure, boundaries and a routine and cut off times for TV in the household.

3.  Make a personal commitment & resolve to stop those habits

This is so important. You cannot change what you still love. You have to get to a place of discontentment and dissatisfaction with your own lifestyle. You have to resolve that it is damaging you and separating you from your God. When you are ready to change, even God is ready to support you!

4.   Invite God into the equation through Prayer

God has a part to play in your change process and you have your part to play too. Invite God’s help through prayer and he is going to provide your with the grace required to start your transformation process. You have to be willing out cry out, “Help Me, God!”

5.   Break the cycle of Distraction by building a new pattern of behaviour

This you do by creating ‘new habits’ to replace the old. It is said that there is no ‘void place’ on this earth. Wherever one thing is removed, something else comes to occupy that space…whether we see it with the visible eye or not. So, you cannot remove an old habit and leave the space vacant. You have to find new habits.

Example: In the place where you were distracted through watching series – play worship music instead and study the word. Find something to replace every vacant place in your life that will draw you closer to God.


  • There is no quick fix and you will find yourself lagging back into the old habits (especially if you had been practising them for a long time).
  • The trick is to maintain your resolve, refuse to quit the process of change and keep working your muscle of discipline daily.
  • Negative behaviours take long to unlearn but with grace, prayer and good discipline – you will be back in the place of prayer consistently and finding fulfilment and joy form the presence of God once again.

Has this been helpful? Let me know in the comments below!

With Love


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