How to Host Heaven In The Workplace

Saturday, July 21, 2018

I got a lovely question from one of you which I am answering today! You can also appropriate it to your own situation as well, if it applies.


“…At work I have a problem. At times I want to get up and leave (to pray) but unfortunately I can't because I am stationed there…”

There are 3 things you have to unlearn about prayer in the workplace:

  1. Unlearn this thinking that prayer is only possible in a ‘secluded place’ away from colleagues
  2. Unlearn the common religious habit that prayer is only effective when you are shouting
  3. Unlearn this mentality that prayer has to be long, and you have no time for it at work.

Why There is a Dire Need for prayer in the workplace:

  • Many work environments are highly toxic with a lot of relationship dynamics that need you to stay connected to God at a high level (a sound emotional, mental & spiritual life!)
  • In the workplace, things are not always as they seem. There is a lot of layers to any ONE issue and many more interested parties than your normal eyes can see. You need wisdom, insight and discernment.
  • Promotion comes from the Lord. He lifts one up and removes another from the throne. Any advancement will come through God. So, you cannot neglect his involvement.
  • Favour can take you a long way! Pray pours on you the oil of favour & distinguishes you among the rest.
  • There are many altars functioning in the workplace. Some Christian, some even demonic. You need covering ,protection & to raise a higher altar for yourself through prayer
  • It’s not safe at the place when God is not on your side.

Personal Habits to start Incorporating if your work in an ‘Open Space’ set up:

  1. Cultivate a worshipper's Heart – Your spirit should always have a song of Zion singing inside it
  2. The Word Of God - Find scripture to appropriate for everything that happens in the department.
  3. Meditation - Meditate on the word any moment you have an opportunity.
  4. Gratitude – Find areas in your workplace which you use as places of appreciation and gratitude (it could be at the printer, when you use the coffee maker, every time you walk to the Boardroom…make it a habit)
  5. Power of Speaking Another Language – Nothing beats a minute spent in the ladies room charging up your spirit with speaking in tongues (it needs not be loud)

I hope that this is helpful to someone going through a frustrating season in the workplace where they feel the need to pray but the environment is not conducive. Take heart. There are many fun ways to connect with God! You can do it!

With Love


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