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Sunday, April 07, 2019

I am Body, mind, soul & spirit. All I am is everything I need to be to run my race. My body is capable of moving me through this journey called life & God was intentional in creating me the way I am.

My body is strong and able. I am healthy and energetic.

My body is my companion and friend. I pay attention to it and it cooperates with me. I speak life into it and it agrees! I am well, inside and outside. I admire and love what I see when I look in the mirror. God made no mistakes when he created me. I am all I needed to be to fulfil my destiny and every part of who I am was intentionally made. I am enough for my purpose and assignment.

I listen to what my body needs & language with love. I am also enough for those that matter. This is the best body I could be in on this journey here on earth. When it is time to love my body with exercise, it tells me and I listen to it. I joyfully work out and reap the rewards of good health. I am grateful that I have an able bodies body, I never take it for granted. I am blessed and highly favoured.

All of my body is in unison, it is working in union. And in harmony with no discord whatsoever, it works to keep me alive and vibrant. My body is strong and can withstand pressures. My body is strong and can withstand child birth. My body is strong and can withstand work. I speak life to my body and it responds. I chose to love my body everyday, regardless of the things I am still working on perfecting. 

I embrace its changes and I celebrate the journey it has been through. I honour its commitment to keeping me alive & efficient on my journey of purpose. I am thankful I enjoy good health.

I breath in the breath of abundant life daily and I am filled with gratitude. God has given me new life and I gladly accept it. I am intentional about nourishing my body with healthy foods. It gives me great joy to eat what my body needs. I am good to my body and my body is consequently good to me. I take care of my body and my body takes care of me. I am divinely and supernaturally empowered with healthy eating habits. I cooperate with my body. God helps me to stay is premium shape & fitness.

I shall live to see the children i give birth to grow!

I am a good steward of my body. I practise self care, self love and self appreciation. I am the best person for this body and I have the supernatural empowerment to make this body become whatever I desire for it to become. I have governance of this body and I have mastery of it by the Spirit’s help. I speak to it and it listens. I discipline it to obey Christ and it does.

My body is a living sacrifice. I lay it as an offering on the altar. It is supernaturally empowered to obey Christ. My body knows the Spirit governs it and it gladly and joyfully places itself under the Spirit's submission. My body is pure unto God. My body repulses that which is evil for Christ is being fully formed in me. I love who I am becoming and my body supports my assignment always.

I release every tension, every disease, every stress, anxiety and depression that has been finding home in my body. I let go of every insecurity about my looks. I am the temple of the Holy Spirit. I trade society’s view of what beauty should look like, for God’s view. I am made in the image of God & when he saw me he said “it is good”. God would have never allowed me to come on earth unequipped or half done!

God is intentional and i am a full product. He has taken careful thought to create me the way I am…every bit of me!  All of who I am serves my purpose - on purpose. I am the apple of his eye and the thought that fills his mind. I was custom made for my assignment. 

All I am pleased God.

I am comfortable in my own skin and love the body I am in. I am deeply grateful for God making me in such a fearful and wonderful way. I am rare. They never made them like me after I was made. I am a limited edition. I am a once in a lifetime experience. I embrace every curve, every blemish, every mark, every scar. All of it writes a beautiful story known as my story. I was made to last. I was made to complete my race. I shall not die prematurely.

I have no need to be like anyone else, who i am is already in short supply.

My hands are anointed for good works. My eyes see the good in others & notice the plight of the poor. As far as these eyes are seeing, that the Lord has given unto me. My lips are filled with words of encouragement & God’s truth. I make my boast in the Lord my God.  These lips proclaim the gospel and are ready to comfort and console the wounded. My voice shall speak to nations. My heart is in the right place, my love for God and his people grows daily. I guard, protect & safeguard it jealously for out of it flows the issues of life. 

My mind thinks higher thoughts. Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-I think about such things. I carry the mind of Christ, I am unlimited and unstoppable. My womb carries Kings and Queens. My Children shall sit at the gate and rule over lands, territories and nations.My ears hear nothing but Good News! Good things are happening around me, especially to me. The words of my lips never fall to the ground. God has anointed me to speak life and I accept the call. My feet go forth to preach the gospel, despising the path of sin. 

I am blessed in my coming, I am blessed in my going.

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