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Wednesday, April 03, 2019


So growing up as a Zimbabwean girl in the ghetto, mental health was not something that came up in regular conversation. Even now it's not a topic the African community is very vocal about let alone the church. To me it's very important that women of our time be aware of the importance of mental self care. We can agree that it affects every other area of our lives. This means being intentional about doing the heavy lifting when it comes to mental distress as well as enhancing the quality of thought you have. 

Last year I had one of those rough really rough patches. My academics were suffering hard! I had other commitments too which demanded a lot of my mental strength. Between balancing work schedules, studying and delivering services due, I found myself exhausted.

The exhaustion was in my mind, I couldn't pay attention anymore or hold a decent conversation without zoning out or i couldn't remember things if I didn't write any of it down. Soon my body started to give in too, insomnia got the best of me and the rest you can only imagine. 

This is when I realized the importance of taking care of my mind. I had to be kind to myself and make sure I was in a healthy mental state to be able to bear the load that came with being me. 

So i began to take time to nap, just relax and not do anything mentally exhausting or read. Whenever I felt like I am crashing or "short circuiting" as I like to call it, I remind myself that it's important for me to be mentally well more than it is for me to complete a task. 

Three things I have benefited from practising mental self care are:
1. Being able to pay attention to the environment I'm in. I don't allow energy in my space that I am not conscious of.
2. Flow of thought, I used to be easily distracted (I still digress a lot) but, now my thoughts are more calm and organised.
3. I take time off, intentionally to reboot. When I come back to my everyday life then I have a refreshed mind that brings the best of me to the table. 

Mental health is important. If one doesn't take care of their mind and let every other thing bother them or take up space the result is terrible. You will find yourself depressed and things alike. Take time to replenish the mind and also unlearn things that are no longer benefiting you. Don't be under pressure to do everything all at once, it's okay to take your time.

              As much as the brain is a wonder machine, it needs a break and care.

These are a few things you can take with you as you take your journey of practising mental self care.

  • The word of God  encourages in 1 Thessalonians to be sober and put on the breastplate of faith and love but important in this context is the helmet of salvation! So that our minds are renewed in alignment with the will of the Father.
  •  Also focusing on self improvement is a good exercise for your mind. Don't envy others but, plan and strategise on how you can achieve your life goals.
  • Read books and listen to material that gets you thinking on a higher cognitive level. 
Now back to the reader, on a scale of 1-10, how do you think you are doing when it comes to taking care of your mental health? What small tip would you give another young girl on mental care?

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Author Profile: l'm Moreblessing Bethel aka Munchkin. Age: 21, student nurse by day and writer every other time, I also sing. I love poetry and helping others realise their dreams, assisting in any way I can. My favourite bible verse is Psalm 16:2. 

PS: Check out Dr Caroline Leaf and read Phillipians 4:8!

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