15 Minute Guided BIBLE STUDY Meditation | MIRIAM

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Today's guided meditation

is on a biblical character called Miriam.

Miriam was sister to Moses.

Moses who then became the man that led

the children of Israel out of Egypt. 

We are first introduced to Miriam as a young girl. 

Just after Moses had been born,

Miriam is an important piece in the story of Moses life.

She is used by God to preserve Moses life. 

She is also used by God to connect Moses to the Egyptian palace,

where Moses is then taken care of for many of his teenage years.

As we begin today's guided meditation,

let us acknowledge that we are always useful to God at any point in

any time in the day.

We must always remain open to being useful

and we must never look down on the small things we do,

because in the grand scheme of things,

these small acts, these small obediences

always lead to big results.

God is concerned about the small moments where our 'yeses' matter.

Miriam's yes at the right time

helped preserve her brother's life.

So let us start today's guided meditation.

I am called to protect what God has chosen.

My age does not disqualify me from being useful in God's hands.

I am a useful part of God's plan.

I hear God frequently and follow his leading effortlessly.

Now breathe in...

and breathe out...

Miriam was a useful part of God's plan.

Though she was young, she understood that she had to look

over and watch over her brother's life.

Even when her mother left Moses in the river, 

Miriam did not give up on her brother.

She preserved and protected God's called one.

Right where you are...are you protecting

the people that God has entrusted you with.

Say it with me:

I am a protector of God's called.

I am a nurturer at heart.

I carry Godly wisdom and it preserves those that are connected to me.

I am always at the right place at the right time.

Miriam was where she needed to be.

She met with a God moment, where God used her to do the will of the Lord.

As you go about the day, may God

strategically position you. 

May you always be where you need to be.

May you always be useful in fulfilling

God's mandate, whether in your family, in your career, in your ministry, in your business,

Wherever God has planted you.

So say this with me:

When others give up, i stay the course.

I watch over what God has placed his hands on.

I am protective of God's people.

I am not afraid to use my voice.

As the day goes, you are going to find yourself

met with situations that need your voice.

May you know when to raise it.

May you know when to use it.

And may God's hand be over your life. So your voice is listened to.

Say this with me:

I am a born leader.

I am capable of great things in life.

I am powerful, beautiful radiant and brave.

I am fearless and strong.

Right in this moment, connect to this

divine power and strength that is available to you

on demand. In God's kingdom,

allow him to strengthen you for the day ahead.

Allow him to strengthen you for the

season that you are currently in.

Say this with me:

I am a connector.

I recognize that my family's destiny is in my hands.

My words are used to protect and preserve

those around me.

My thoughts are heavily inspired.

My skill set is becoming useful even at a young age.

Now breathe in...

and breathe out...

I do not have to wait till I am old to be useful.

I am already walking in the corridors of power.

I rub shoulders with great queens kings princes and princesses.

My voice is respected and allowed audience

in the places of my purpose and assignment.

Right in this moment, begin to say a small prayer

of gratitude for this grace that is over your life. 

God is using you right now in ways that sometimes you don't even understand.

In the grand scheme of life,

you matter.

You are important.

You are needed.

You are valuable.

So say this with me:

I am a facilitator and a collaborator.

I partner with God's agenda here on earth.

I always finish what i start.

I am always the last person to leave the room.

I watch over a project until its fruition.

You see Miriam had a choice to go back

home when her own mother

had left Moses and gone back home.

But there was something about Miriam that knew she

had to finish what had been started.

She had faith. 

She had hope.

She believed that somehow Moses' life could be spared.

May those virtues go out with you throughout the day.

as you fulfill your God-Given assignment.

May you always be the last person to leave the room.

May you always be the last person to lose hope.

May you watch over what you have started until it is finished.

Right now bring your attention to any

project you are currently struggling with.

Receive grace to keep watch over it.

Until it is finished.

Say this with me:

I believe all problems have solutions.

I benefit from being a part of the solutions created.

I effectively influence people and have grace to speak,

even over those older than me.

My life is a teacher of the great power

of appropriating wisdom in situations and not giving up.

Now rest in those declarations that you have just made...

Let your spirit soak in the power

of the words that you have just spoken.

Let your spirit catch and be infused by these truths.

These are God's desires for you as you walk through life,

that you would always influence your environment...

so it benefits you.

Finally say this with me:

I can protect others and also submit under authority.

I know no man after the flesh and respect people above me.

I am forgiven for all my mistakes.

I am an important part of an important story.

God will preserve and protect my family through me.

All these virtues you have just declared over your life today...

you have access to them if you desire them.

So as you go out into the day to fulfill

your God-Given assignment, make sure that you know and understand

that there is virtues available to you

on demand in the kingdom of God.

Well done for showing up today and see

you in the next one....

Using these guided meditations alongside

personal bible study of these women of the word will

anchor you and ground you in virtues

and the godly character that these women of the word possessed. 

Hope you enjoyed today's guided meditation.

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